cancer Daily Horoscope for May 9, 2021

May 9, 2021

Important relationship stories are highlighted beneath Sunday’s skies, Cancer. The moon plows through the tail end of pioneering Aries, locking eyes with wound-healing Pluto on her path. This aspect ferrets out any unspoken tensions stirring in the partnership arena, in hopes of alleviating them. Later, the moon aligns with optimistic Jupiter, helping smooth out any rough patches before moving into stable Taurus.

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Daily Love

Romantic Venus slipped into your dreamy twelfth house of closure, clandestine affairs, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes yesterday, increasing the chances of you running into a karmic affair and/or someone you prefer to keep a secret for the time being. So much for keeping things to yourself though, as the moon will continue activating your public tenth house of recognition and authority. Luna will clash with smoldering Pluto in your committed seventh house of relationships, creating some power struggles in regards to your one-on-ones, which could also stir up some emotions in the process. Take a step back if need be, Cancer.

Daily Work

Crab, your passion is burning from within. You are motivated to speak your truth and share ideas with colleagues. Typically, as an introverted sign, communicative Mercury in Gemini is activating your voice with its connection to the North Node. This is in the hidden part of your chart that’s being influenced by harmonious Venus. Tap into this energy and have important work conversations today; you can sway others in your direction.

Daily Dating

Use your big brain to solve that one problem that's been vexing you for so long. Once that's done you should have quite a bit of time left over to figure out how to get noticed.

Daily Bonus

You have high hopes; examine how to make those big plans come to fruition.