cancer Daily Horoscope for May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021

As a Cancer, you need ample time tucked away in the safety of your shell. Let yourself remain unbothered by social demands today, as the moon roams through thoughtful Gemini. Luna’s dizzying square to Neptune can lower energy levels and desire for escape, so get lost in a trance state of your choosing to unwind. Later, the moon moves into your sign, helping you burst back out onto the scene.

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Daily Love

The moon, Mercury, and Venus are simultaneously shaking up your secretive twelfth house of closure, dreams, karma, and hidden agendas, which means you're likely feeling more introspective than usual during this time, Cancer. Single? The same goes for those of you in contact with that special someone; you might be keeping your love a secret for the time being. However, today's square between the moon in your twelfth house of surrender, and elusive Neptune via your ninth house of expansion, could create a bit of confusion when concerning your sense of direction. To be on the safe side, don't make your move just yet.

Daily Work

Cancer, confidence is key and the universe is backing you up. You could receive the opportunity to publicly speak, which can feel healing to you as you’ve had some career setbacks. Look at this like a day to hone your speaking skills. Your ruler, the moon, Mercury, and Venus are all in your hidden twelfth house. This sector ignites vocal talents you may usually shy away from. Step into the leadership role you know you deserve.

Daily Dating

Your mind is focusing on the positive right now, so much so that you find it hard to decide between equally attractive options! It's a good time to let someone else decide for you.

Daily Bonus

Losing tolerance for shallow people? You're moving in the right direction.