cancer Daily Horoscope for July 24, 2021

July 24, 2021

Saturday’s skies may feel like something of a buzzkill, Cancer. The moon’s union with responsible Saturn highlights the relationships stories that you’ve been sinking your teeth into all year. Examine your progress and what still needs shoring up, rather than feeling down about it. Fortunately, messenger Mercury’s sweet link with visionary Neptune helps provide a soulful, otherworldly quality to your self-expression. 

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Daily Love

Cancer, are there strings attached or is it just for fun? The moon slips into eccentric Aquarius via your suspicious eighth house of sex, shared resources, joint ventures, and soulmate connections. This could, in turn, trigger a series of contradicting feelings. Luna will also join forces with serious Saturn via this area of your chart, so you could experience feelings of restriction and/or limitation in the process. For instance, you might really want to embark on this new journey of love but, by that same token, you could be haunted by some feelings of uncertainty in the process. Your intuition has your best interest.

Daily Work

Today is a tremendously good day that will work in your favor, Cancer. As Mercury, which now orbits within your zodiac sign, links in a trine with Neptune, the planet of imagination, you will find that brilliant creative ideas download from the ether for you. Find ways to incorporate them into your business plans going forward. If you are involved in any international business, utilize today’s energy to advance your most recent goals. Also, today is an excellent one to ask for a favor from someone, regardless of who they be. The sweet vibe will trickle down no matter where you go. 

Daily Dating

It's time to take the plunge. Do it in the name of love. If you don't scrawl your thoughts across the sky with one of those little airplanes, how is the world going to hear you?

Daily Bonus

Your inner voice will tell you something you don't like. You must listen and obey.