Cancer Daily Horoscope

March 29, 2023

The moon continues its journey through your sign this morning, darling Crab, forming connections with the healing asteroid, Chiron, and Venus. This cosmic climate will conjure a strange energy, putting you in a serious yet social mood. Plan on letting your hair down this afternoon when Luna aligns with Uranus, and consider touching base with some of your more interesting friends. Meanwhile, Mars shares a sweet exchange with Saturn, asking you to bring more discipline to your creative and spiritual practices. Try not to cross lines this evening when Luna squares off with Jupiter and Mercury, being mindful of the importance of boundaries. 

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Daily Food Horoscope

Get smart about popular nutrition myths today. Contrary to belief, fat free doesn't mean calorie free. In fact, most 'non-fat' cookies, yogurt and cakes may have even more calories than regular varieties. Check the food labels before buying them.

Daily Home Horoscope

Music has come into your life in a big way, now you just need to make room for it. The upright piano you inherited requires a spatial decision and a call to the tuner.

Daily Dog Horoscope

All it takes is one small realization, and you'll be raking in the chips. What motivates your owner, the beady stare or sheer affection? Choose well and you'll be cleaning up.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

You're feeling really good about your ability to really reach people today -- even those you can hardly stand on other days. If you want to make any new alliances or just let someone know you care, now is the time.

Daily Cat Horoscope

You can let those other cats know exactly where you're at today -- even if their attention spans are shorter then usual. It's one of those days when communication is much easier than usual.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Spontaneity is something you embrace: it's what you're all about right now.