cancer Daily Horoscope for April 16, 2021

April 16, 2021

Friday’s skies are chock-full of cosmic activity, Cancer. It’s easy for you to take on too much and feel depleted, so be mindful of overextending yourself. Self-motivated Mars forms a positive connection with visionary Jupiter, helping you handle any intimate, psychological issues with a fearless approach. Elsewhere, the sun and raw Pluto square off, highlighting tensions between career and relationship concerns.

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Daily Love

Don't settle for less. The sun will form its exact square to powerhouse Pluto—the ruler of your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure—amidst its slow-and-steady journey through your relationship sector. Keep in mind, Cancer: The sun governs your stability-seeking second house of comfort, possessions, and sense of security. So, the power struggles you've been having, at least when it comes to your one-on-one relationships, could have something to do with finances. For some of you, this "Tower moment" could have you revisiting themes around your self-worth. How do you expect things to change if you don't acknowledge these things?

Daily Work

Cancer, it would be wise for you to focus on your professional life today as the cosmos are giving you a dose of positive energy. You are being empowered by the Aries sun in your tenth house of career and professional matters, forming a potent connection with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius in your financial sector. Your leadership skills are showing. As you take the lead, the universe is giving you the financial ability to go after your vision.

Daily Dating

You're on the tail end of some big internal business, and you can tell that things are on the upswing in a big way! This turmoil is just putting something old to rest forever.

Daily Bonus

When you need strength, it will be there. Dig deep; you will find what you need.