Cancer Daily Horoscope

July 13, 2024

Allow your mind and body to move slowly this morning, dearest Cancer, as the Libra moon and Mercury align to promote a leisurely start to the weekend. Be mindful to protect your energy when Luna and Saturn form an unbalanced connection, especially if you're prone to feeling the emotions of others as if they were your own. Moody vibes flow as the quarter moon rises later today, while friends or family may resist your efforts to offer compassion and nurturing. Remember that everyone must face their own battles, considering how boundaries can serve you and your loved ones when Luna and Chiron face off this evening.

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Daily Food Cancer Horoscope

Friends may deem some of your cuisine choices to be crazy, so today, show them just how wrong they are. It may take some convincing, but your finely honed talents of persuasion could have them going your way. When they finally agree that Filipino mechado and adobo are excellent, your mission is complete.

Daily Home Cancer Horoscope

If the spot on your housemate's tie just doesn't want to come out, you may have to give it a little coaxing. Rely on the ancient tools of baking soda and vinegar, remembering to massage the stain out of the fiber rather than frantically grind it in.

Daily Dog Cancer Horoscope

You're left to fend for yourself, and yet your humans criticize how you go about it. Spending the day alone can be a confusing event. You're torn between spending your energy the way you want to and trying to remember the house rules. Your basket looks more appealing by the minute.

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Daily Teen Cancer Horoscope

Watch out for spats with friends or siblings. They're going to happen no matter what you say, so don't walk on eggshells. But you don't have to go out of your way to incite a riot, either.

Daily Cat Cancer Horoscope

You're vital to at least one human's plans today, and you're much more engaged with your social world -- so it's win-win! You certainly earn a few points while you get what you need from them.

Daily Bonus Cancer Horoscope

Avoid anything you're not totally sure of today -- especially a money matter.