Rooster Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of June 4, 2023 This Week

This week, you’re getting past an obstacle.

Sunday, June 4, is the Yin water Snake day. Rooster, you have extra energy today. You are racing ahead of others partially with impatience and partially just because you’re having a good time. You might stack your day pretty full. In fact, you could attend more than one party or event, which can make for an exciting day and a good story about how you got across town so quickly.

The Yang fire Monkey day is Wednesday, June 7. Rooster, your intuition is getting clearer. Vague symbols and messages now seem to coalesce into a solution to your problem. You can boost this energy by writing down your issue and placing the paper under your pillow. You could wake in the morning with some new ideas.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, June 10, with the Yin earth Pig day. Rooster, you’re a good communicator, and today you might be going through your in-box and making sure that everyone gets an answer. This is especially important for social contacts. A friend from your past might send you an invitation to a destination wedding or high school reunion.


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