rooster Weekly Chinese Horoscopes for the Week of August 14, 2022

Week of August 14, 2022 This Week

This week, you’re looking after your health.

The week begins on Monday, August 15, with the Yang metal Rat day. Rooster, this is a good time to try something new that’s also healthful. You might eat sprouts or drink kombucha. You might try a burger made of lentils or taste gluten-free bread. This is a good time to expand your palate and find ways to eat nutritious foods that are also delicious.

The Yin water Rabbit day is Thursday, August 18. Rooster, you and your sweetheart might be rivals in a friendly tennis game. Or perhaps you’re playing a video game on opposing teams, and what you discover is you’re pretty evenly matched. This might be because you know each other so well that you’re able to anticipate the other’s moves. Fortunately, this is all in good fun.

Saturday, August 20, is the Yin wood Snake day. Rooster, you might have higher education on your mind. It’s possible you’re getting ready to go back to school or you’re preparing one of your kids to go off to college. This could mean helping them pack or getting stuff for their dorm room. If you have several people in the household going back to school, this could be a very busy weekend.

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