sheep Weekly Chinese Horoscopes for the Week of August 14, 2022

Week of August 14, 2022 This Week

This week, you’re organizing your life.

The week begins on Monday, August 15, with the Yang metal Rat day. Goat, staying organized can be a lifesaver because it helps you get through your busy weeks. This might be something you’ve wanted to incorporate into your daily life, such as meal prepping for the week or having a special place to put your keys so you never lose them. This is a good day to set some systems in place that can help you week in and week out.

The Yin water Rabbit day is Thursday, August 18. Goat, a friend or relative who lives abroad might contact you. It’s possible you haven’t heard from them in a while. Maybe they’re traveling, or you’re getting an invitation to visit them. This is a good time to compare notes on lifestyles and what’s different between where you live and where they live.

Saturday, August 20, is the Yin wood Snake day. Goat, over the past few months it’s possible your life hasn’t changed much. You’ve been busy keeping up with everything you’ve needed to do, including obligations and responsibilities, but somehow your goals have gotten lost in the shuffle. Today is a good day to pull out your vision board and take a look at the bigger picture.

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