Tiger Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of July 14, 2024

This week, you are unstoppable.

The week begins on Sunday, July 14, with the Yin earth Rabbit day. Tiger, you like things to happen quickly. You might be very impatient about a financial matter that is exacerbated by a frustrating customer service experience. Long wait times on hold or going back and forth with a chatbot makes you want to roar. You might want to consider postponing nonurgent communications for a more opportune time.

The Yang water Horse day is Wednesday, July 17. Tiger, your heart is open and you’re ready for love. If you’re seeking a new relationship, a chance encounter while running some daily errands could bring you a romantic possibility. If you’re already in a committed relationship, make some romantic overtures to your sweetheart and the two of you could have a wonderful evening together.

Friday, July 19, is the Yang wood Monkey day. Evaluate a business partnership opportunity carefully today. Someone might offer a potential collaboration or a B2B opportunity, and you might be ready to jump on it. During the negotiating, figure out a mutually beneficial arrangement before you sign the contract or begin working together.

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