aquarius Daily Horoscope for May 9, 2021

May 9, 2021

You’re dealing with unsettling material beneath Sunday’s skies, Aquarius. Rather than wall yourself off to your feelings, aim to sit with whatever sore spot emerges. The eager Aries moon squares off with wound-healing Pluto, highlighting the hidden dusty corners of your mind that hold excess baggage. Put your feelings into words to help move them along. Later, the moon’s link with uplifting Jupiter brightens moods, before she moves into stable Taurus.

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Daily Love

Venus officially entered your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression yesterday, and despite whether you're single or taken, you're ready to live your best life, Aquarius. In addition to this coquettish planet thriving when activating this area of your chart, your charm is also as magnetic as ever. Use it wisely, just make sure you don't lead anyone on in the process. In loquacious Gemini, the goddess of romance indulges in mentally stimulating pow wow... and well, you're already an expert in that field. And to top it off, today's sextile between the moon and lucky Jupiter in your sign will likely serve as a confidence boost.

Daily Work

The reason why your symbol is the Water-bearer is because you are the energy of enlightenment and progress for humanity. You are the most innovative sign of the zodiac and others may not understand your point of view as a result. Stand firm in your strategies and opinions, Aquarius. The cosmos is on your side and allowing others to be more receptive to your work. Use the power of your ruling planet, Saturn, which is currently in Aquarius.

Daily Dating

You need to slow down a bit and make sure you're not just letting people walk all over you. It's not like they really want to hurt you, but they may not be thinking about your feelings.

Daily Bonus

Baby, you're a star! And right now, you're shining bright for the world to see!