aquarius Daily Horoscope for May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021

It’s okay to drift through Friday’s dreamy cosmic landscape, Aquarius. You’re in the mood for pleasure over productivity, and it’s fine to depart from practical things to devote time to your creative personal projects. The playful Gemini moon’s square with dreamy Neptune can make for low energy levels and escapist fantasies. Later, the moon’s entrance into Cancer directs your focus toward work and your craft.

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Daily Love

Is this person worthy of your precious energy, Aquarius? With a series of heavenly bodies activating your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, you're not only emanating seductive confidence but also indulging in your carnal instincts. And though there's nothing you love more than a riveting mind-bender, today's square between the moon in your romantic fifth house passion, and ambiguous Neptune via your second house of security, could potentially give you a dose of your own medicine. Bottom line, if you're second-guessing yourself, and whether or not you're "worthy" of this individual's attention, take a step back. There's no need to go down the rabbit hole.

Daily Work

Aquarius, a creative project or endeavor can have all of your attention at the moment. Mishaps can start to occur today, so approach things with a cool, calm, and collected manner. Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow period is beginning today and this is in your fifth house of self-expression. This can start to create some delays, confusion, or lack of attention to details. It’s important to slow things down and approach every task carefully. The power of your Saturnian-like patience is key.

Daily Dating

You feel as if you're performing for a large audience today, and while that isn't exactly the most comfortable thing, it's not all that terrible, really. You may have to fine-tune your message a bit.

Daily Bonus

Family relationships take as much effort as romantic ones; nurture your relatives.