aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021

You work best if you’re left to your own devices today, Aquarius. The moon wanders through practical Taurus, centering your attention on family matters and the reality of your home environment. Luna’s union with insightful Uranus is likely to bring revelations to the forefront around unspoken family dynamics. This is all while the sun’s union with energetic Mars makes an ideal energy for tackling any work requiring stamina and confidence.


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Daily Love

Are you ready to speak your truth, Aquarius? The sun governs your committed seventh house of significant others and one-on-one relationships, and it's currently activating your intellectually driven third house of communication, thought process, and immediate exchanges. Keep in mind, Mercury—the ruler of your romantic fifth house of love—is also igniting this area of your birth chart. So, if not now, when? Speaking up will set you free; this is especially true with today's moon-Uranus conjunction touching down on your emotionally driven fourth house of innermost feelings. This idea may or may not sit well with you, but it wouldn't hurt you to try.

Daily Work

Aquarius, innovate, don’t replicate! You are the most unique sign of the zodiac, and the cosmos wants you to embrace that. You are feeling a surge of creative energy today as Mars in Gemini in your fifth house of self-expression. It’s also sending a jolt of positivity to optimistic Jupiter in Aquarius. Seize this energy and take action!


Daily Dating

Even though you'd rather do anything else, you need to tidy up or clear your desk of stupid paperwork today. There's an upside, though. If you do it now, you'll have more time for the good energy that's coming soon.

Daily Bonus

You're weirdly introverted today, more into making big plans than big statements.