Aquarius Daily Horoscope

April 1, 2023

A lack of self-care or romance could cause you to awaken in a sour mood, dearest Aquarius, as the Leo moon squares off with Uranus and Venus. Luckily, Jupiter will step in to lighten your spirits, especially if you choose to look on the brighter side of life. Consider reaching out to your nearest and dearest if you're feeling lonely, as the stars encourage you to socialize and connect. Look for opportunities to flirt later tonight when Luna blows a kiss to Mercury, though these vibes will also support your mission to focus on self-love while clearing your mind. 

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Daily Food Horoscope

Put yourself first today. This may seem selfish to other people, but don't care about that. So go ahead and be the first in line as the Italian restaurant opens. You'll want to get that first plate of lobster-stuffed ravioli before everyone else.

Daily Home Horoscope

Somehow the family has appointed you guardian of the clan, which is fun when it comes to Highland games and gatherings, but not so fun when you are entering handwritten genealogy into that database. Sounds like allowance money for teenagers, for a mother with her hands full.

Daily Dog Horoscope

If you need to feel socially useful, you'll get your chance today. The dog park is as slow as molasses, and you're just the dog to get things moving. Jump in and stir things up.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

You and your people need to try something you've never tried before -- it could be as simple as a new spot to eat lunch, or it could get pretty crazy and involve crosstown traffic. Lead the way!

Daily Cat Horoscope

You need to head out and look for something totally new. If you're stuck indoors, you can still at least make up a new game or find something you've never seen before in those odd human closets.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Someone's personal issues will affect your work life soon. Distance yourself now.