Aquarius Daily Horoscope

July 14, 2024

The moon enters Scorpio and the sector of your chart that governs success, darling Aquarius, putting you in a responsible and serious headspace. Use this energy to prepare for the work week ahead, especially if any major presentations or projects are on the horizon. Reflect on any hurdles before you when Pluto stirs midmorning, noting which restrictions are external vs. self-imposed. Remember to believe in yourself under these tense cosmic tides and be mindful of the sacrifices ahead. Carve out time for romance or self-care when Luna and Venus square off later today, or you could fall off balance later.

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Daily Food Aquarius Horoscope

Creativity can help turn the mundane into the marvelous today. You may be planning a healthy salad for dinner, so throw something unexpected yet yummy into the mix. Dandelions, mint, and nasturtium can all be found in your back yard, and they give your simple meal a surprising flavor boost.

Daily Home Aquarius Horoscope

Take a scientific approach to your garden today. Though your many plants may feel a bit more like friends than test subjects, understand that with a little chemistry on your side, you could make their foliage that much fuller.

Daily Dog Aquarius Horoscope

There's no shame in being tired. You don't have to be the most active dog in the pack each and every day. Keeping your chin on your paws all day long is a perfectly legitimate way to pass the time. Besides, there's just no fighting it anyway.

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Daily Teen Aquarius Horoscope

There's a lot of mixed-up business going on right now with friends (and maybe family), but don't try too hard to figure it all out. Let it come and go like a rainstorm.

Daily Cat Aquarius Horoscope

Make a few new friends today -- it's easy! Your ability to connect with people and furry critters is potent, and you should be able to convince someone that you're worth hanging out with.

Daily Bonus Aquarius Horoscope

If asked your opinion, give it honestly. Independent thought is something to honor.