aquarius Daily Horoscope for July 24, 2021

July 24, 2021

Tend to your body today, Aquarius. It’s all too easy for you to get lost in your head! The nurturing moon’s presence in your sign encourages you to ground back down and sync up with your own needs. Luna’s union with your ruler, grounded Saturn, can make the mood heavy, but also welcomingly realistic. Elsewhere, communicator Mercury’s sweet pact with dreamy Neptune can make inspired visions prosper on the work front.

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Daily Love

It’s one of those days, Aquarius. The moon continues to activate your fixed air which, in turn, inspires you to squeeze the logic out of the situation at hand. This, of course, is challenged by the sobering essence of Saturn, as it will join forces with the moon in the process. Single or already attached, there will be no room for ego trips and power plays today—so, you might as well put your guard down. Crushing on that special someone? Take a second to reflect on what's blocking you from taking the leap, or perhaps stifling you from being your most authentic self. 

Daily Work

You have a great opportunity to advance both your income and employment projects today, Aquarius. As Mercury, the planet of communication, orbits within your solar sixth house of employment, it’s linking in a trine with Neptune, the planet of imagination, in your solar second house of finances. You could have a winning idea that brings you tremendous success. Tap into your creativity and imagination and download the ideas. Don’t forget to write them down, though, so you don’t lose them! If you consider ways to advertise your services and expand your client list, this may be the best use of your time, resources, and energy.

Daily Dating

After an amazing series of dates, you are going to start thinking about you-know-who in a serious way. Who knows? Maybe this is the one after all. Or maybe it's just for fun -- don't overthink it.

Daily Bonus

News of a sizzling affair should add some excitement to your life for a few days.