Aquarius Daily Horoscope

February 22, 2024

Lead from a place of love as the moon continues its journey through Leo, darling Aquarius, proudly wearing your heart on your sleeve. Hold steady in your desires, contemplating how you can maintain balance as you build upon what you already have. This energy can also be helpful when establishing romantic connections, and your flirtation skills benefit from some celestial aid midafternoon when the Nodes of Fate and Chiron activate. Watch out for moodiness within the home and amongst family this evening when Luna and Uranus square off, understanding that you can only control your own emotions. Your senses heighten just before bedtime when Mercury enters Pisces.

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A simple meal and philosophical conversation will bring up interesting topics that aren't usually broached at a dinner party. You may find extreme comfort in spending an evening with those who share your values and views on life -- feel free to banter anything, especially religion and politics (in the same discussion).

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Cultural issues are hard to put your paw on. You just don't see eye to eye with another dog. It's hard to tell whether the problem is with the dog, the dog's family, you, or your family. Whatever the source, be tolerant.

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