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Year of 2023

As people pleasers, Libras typically spend a lot of time and energy on their career, but your own happiness is important too, and whether or not you enjoy your job definitely sets the vibe for the other areas of your life this year. Keep reading to find out if your job will enhance or detract from your overall harmony in 2023.

Outer planet Uranus (paired with conservative Taurus) is working in the background this year, which can have a slight dampening effect on your airy thought processes. Second-guessing yourself and moving at a slower pace are inevitable at various times throughout the year, which can be frustrating to say the least. 

You won’t lose your balance entirely, Libra, but you probably will miss out on some valuable shots at success. Take your time thinking about any career opportunities that come along, but don’t deny yourself the chance to cash in on a sure thing when it crosses your path.

Money-motivated Venus joins ambitious Aries, one of the signs it rules, at the end of February, motivating you to add some excitement to your current job or find new opportunities elsewhere. You can’t stand stagnating under this fiery energy, and if you’re looking for work, Libra, good job choices for you now are anything having to do with staying active.

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