libra Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of October 17, 2021

Week of October 17, 2021

Are you ready to break this spell of tension, Libra? Well, this is the week to do it!

On Monday, October 18, both Mercury and Jupiter will station direct. Mercury is now direct in your sign, which alleviates any tension about your identity or how others perceive you. You can expect a newfound sense of confidence that comes with peace of mind at work. Rest assured that you are being perceived exactly how you want to be in the workplace! Since Jupiter is also direct, you may experience a boost in creativity. Your artistic vision at work has the opportunity to take off now! You may find that it is easier to be confident in the potential success of any passion projects or professional measures. 

Then on Wednesday, October 20, there will be a full moon in your opposite sign, Aries. The full moon will draw any partnerships or contracts to a head. This may be the time where all contractual requirements are met at work or when you and a business partner come to the end of a professional relationship. It may also represent a time of independence ending as you may now be exploring partnerships to expand your career.