Libra Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of May 22, 2022

Week of May 22, 2022

Are you ready to pursue your professional passions, Libra?

It could be time to adjust your workflow under the last quarter moon in Pisces on Sunday, May 22. Luna is intuitively guiding you away from routines, habits, and other professional practices that no longer serve you. You may already know what you need to adjust or let go of, especially if you have been struggling with some unproductive work tendencies. Allow the lunation to help you adjust intuitively! As this is going on, Mercury retrograde slides back into Taurus. This new phase in Mercury retrograde will cause you to re-examine the financial security you have with your shared assets, joint resources, loans, and debts. You may struggle with some issues of control or power during Mercury retrograde. But these struggles can help you re-define what your means of security could be instead. Then Mars enters your opposite sign, Aries, a few days later! Mars in Aries awakens your inner trailblazer by encouraging you to seek partnerships and work commitments that fuel your passion for your career path. You may enjoy working solo during this transit or working with independent professionals. Use this energy to be a leader at work!

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