Libra Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of June 23, 2024

How are you known, Libra? Reflect on who and what you want to be associated with in your career path when Venus in Cancer squares the North Node in Aries and the South Node in your sign on Wednesday, June 26. The fateful friction may cause you to feel unsure about how you are associated with your career path. You might like being known for certain achievements but not others. The same goes for your contracts, partnerships, and working relationships. 

However, you may want to keep some of your musings to yourself since Mercury in Cancer will also trine Neptune in Pisces. If you open up, it might have unforeseen consequences. 

Over the next few days, you might be ready to create change with your professional arrangements during the last quarter moon in Aries. The lunar energy could give you the confidence you need to initiate something new. However, there might be some talk about your change of attitude since Mercury in Cancer will also square Chiron in Aries. Keep your head up and ignore what your colleagues have to say. 

By Saturday, June 29, you might be ready to change your work life when Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces.

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