libra Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of August 1, 2021

Week of August 1, 2021

You may feel somewhat creatively stunted as this week begins. On August 1, Mercury in your forward-thinking eleventh house will oppose Saturn in your artistic fifth house. This could leave you feeling doubtful of your talents and uninspired by your work. However, even geniuses experienced this same level of fear. But the way you react to the fear will be what defines you. Let this moment of doubt motivate you instead of discourage you.

You may even be taking on too much without asking for help. But on August 2, Mercury will form a trine with Chiron in your relationship sector, paving the way for a partnership that heals your perspective on your dreams. You have comrades and colleagues who can help you through this moment of doubt. They may even be the spark that relights your creative fire once again.

By August 6, however, you may deal with unexpected losses as the sun in your inspirational eleventh house squares off with Uranus in your transformative eighth house. However, sometimes relying on something may be holding you back more than it's uplifting you. And as you let go of baggage, you’ll free up fresh energy to invest in something new.