Taurus Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2023

You’re a sensual sign who often indulges in your passions, so love and romance are major factors in your life this year. Ruled by love goddess Venus, you take being in love very seriously and are proud of making lovers feel better than they’ve ever felt. 

And even though a lot of what love has in store for you in 2023 is out of your hands, there are enough pleasant surprises that you can accept giving up a little bit of control in exchange for a lot of pleasure.

Your lovely leader Venus is in experimental Aquarius to start the year, which can be a very exciting time in your love life, with lots of unexpected events and encounters with unusual people. 

If it goes against tradition, then you’re all about it, which is very unusual for you, right, Taurus? You still have your undeniable conservative, traditional side, but this airy transit gives you the go-ahead to open your mind and explore the unknown. 

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