Neptune in Aries

Neptune in Aries is a sweet yet strong-willed placement.

Like most Aries placements, it is full of energy, but Neptune's influence creates a uniquely calming and inquisitive nature. In this placement, your relationship with others is the focus: how they see you and what you can learn from them. You might find that your sense of self shifts dramatically depending on who you're surrounded by, so the challenge is to ground yourself with a strong sense of place and purpose. Despite this (or maybe because of it!), you have a deep inner well of creativity that inspires everyone you meet.

Neptune in Aries: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Fire & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Neptune in Aries:

  • Assailing
  • Brave
  • Crusading
  • Fiery
  • Heroic

Negative keywords for Neptune in Aries:

  • Aggressive
  • Clashing
  • Impulsive
  • Solitary
  • Turbulent

Neptune in Aries Personality

Neptune in Aries asks the world, "What is life without purpose?" An eternal flame burns in the hearts of these warriors, forcing them to join the fray of whatever turbulence besets the world at that time. In this way, those with this placement lay the foundation and ultimately become true leaders of the cause. Their confidence and conviction attract devotees like bees to honey. This suits them fine as these individuals are very much set in their ways.

Dazzled by both Neptune and Mars, Aries Neptune genuinely believes that they can run on passion and idealism alone. In their youth, this can seem quite charming. After all, who doesn't love a knight in shining armor? For the more stubborn of these natives, age often forces them to slow down.

Positive Traits

The children of Neptune in Aries take the world by storm. Born rebels without a cause, those with this placement set out in search of some grand movement to devote themselves to, as they aren't content to simply drift through life. With such courage and drive, it would be a waste to do so anyway. So, when this placement figures prominently in the birth chart, its natives are often found at the front lines of some great battle or movement.

But for the less ferocious Aries Neptunes, art, business, or really any undertaking that involves a little competition are equally valid outlets—anything that allows them to release their excess energy.

Negative Traits

Neptune in Aries gives rise to an individual who may suffer many internal conflicts throughout their life. Unfortunately, due to the nebulous nature of Neptune, it may be hard for these folks to parse out the exact sources of these struggles. This is doubly true given their tendency to overlook details. Like other Aries placement, Neptune in this sign suffers from not-looking-before-they-leap syndrome, which unsurprisingly, can lead them into unsavory situations.

In a way, Aries Neptune may secretly prefer this condition. Strife is their bread and butter. Without it, many may feel that their lives lack excitement or meaning.


Neptune in Aries sees no issue burning out in the fires of passion. It's a joy to burn for these folks. In fact, someone with Neptune in Aries would probably feel more than a little lost if they had no goal to which they could devote themselves. If Aries could be described as obsessed with forging their own way or legacy, this placement lives and dies by the concept.

As Aries Neptune amasses power, they come to realize just how lonely (and boring) it is at the top. So, some toss away their crowns and set off in search of another conquest. Glory is good, but action is even better for these antsy folks.