Neptune in Taurus

Neptune circumvents the typical practicality of earthy Taurus, creating an almost whimsical quality to this placement.

Taurus energy is generally deeply realistic, so combined with dreamy Neptune, you might find yourself trying to create financial stability from a career in the arts. The challenge in this placement is to learn to (realistically) evaluate your worth and sell yourself accordingly. Lastly, for Taurus, a sense of home and material possessions is vital, but Neptune helps you find a sense of home wherever you go.

Neptune in Taurus: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Earth & Fixed

Positive keywords for Neptune in Taurus:

  • Aesthetically-oriented
  • Natural
  • Responsible
  • Romantic

Negative keywords for Neptune in Taurus:

  • Bullish
  • Fixating
  • Frustrated
  • Materially-minded
  • Slow

Neptune in Taurus Personality

The pursuit of quality is not so much a hobby as a way of life for Neptune in Taurus. They live and breathe beauty—not necessarily in the conventional sense, but the natural beauty in all things. The ideal world for a Taurus Neptune is one in which all things are charming and consistent. They wither when they find themselves in environments bereft of taste. Their sensibilities reject the grotesque or unsightly.

Expensive taste notwithstanding, the natives of this placement possess a surprising amount of drive. Once they've set their eyes on a prize, it can be difficult to turn them away from it. Taurus is, after all, the sign of the Bull, and these animals are well-known for their capacity to tirelessly till away at fields. So, these individuals can be practical; they simply prefer not to be.

Positive Traits

Neptune in Taurus shares the sentimentality of their almost zodiac neighbor, Cancer. Coupled with their eye for aesthetics and love of all things romance, Taurus Neptune makes for a storybook lover. Their love language is gift-giving (and receiving), so their paramour is sure to be spoiled!

Outside of their relationships, they are inspirational creators given the proper resources. Though they prefer the best of the best where their art is concerned, Venus, Taurus' ruling planet, blesses these individuals with the ability to weave beauty from even the barest materials. But often, this isn't necessary, as abundance tends to find them.

Negative Traits

Neptune in Taurus works their magic under certain ideal conditions. Unfortunately, reality is rarely ideal, so their efforts are often a great deal less enchanting than anticipated. Additionally, blurring the boundaries of indulgence, Neptune in Taurus aggravates the sign's existing propensity for overindulgence.

There isn't a driving obsession with materialistic things as there is with Pluto in Taurus, for example. Neptune is a kinder energy that softens the harder edges of our more unsavory impulses. However, Taurus Neptune individuals are not immune to unhealthy attachment. If left unchecked, materialism can lead them to empty their hard-won wells of wealth.


Oh to spend each day in the lap of luxury! For people with the Neptune in Taurus, there is no greater dream than this. Inspired by the beauty, they manage to imbue loveliness into even the most unremarkable aspects of existence.

Deprived of their preferred luxuries, Taurus Neptune will still manage to thrive. Beneath that materialism is a hard worker. How else would they afford such expensive things? Still, those with this placement must keep a close eye on their spending. Overall, those with their Neptune in Taurus may be what others might consider lazy, but who doesn't crave the sweet life?