Pluto in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a sign attracted to higher learning and philosophy, so don't be surprised to see yourself attracted to courses, books, or classes that take your intellect to the next level.

Sagittarius's natural teaching skills also make this a period to connect with others on a mental level—sharing ideas, experiences, and theories are all part of this knowledge-seeking placement. Stay wary of Pluto's intense drive for knowledge, though, as it can put you in danger of being dogmatic about your beliefs, which can come off as argumentative or close-minded. Additionally, because of Sagittarius's fierce independence, partnerships may run into problems.

Pluto in Sagittarius: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Fire & Mutable

Positive keywords for Pluto in Sagittarius:

  • Diverse
  • Exploratory
  • Free-thinking
  • Receptive
  • Worldly

Negative keywords for Pluto in Sagittarius:

  • Dogmatic
  • Holier-than-thou
  • Presumptive
  • Unrealistic

Pluto in Sagittarius Personality

The world is an oyster for those with their Pluto in Sagittarius. This astrological period has created a generation of intrepid explorers of the physical world as well as the subconscious one. These individuals question everything, even what previous generations may have considered unquestionable. They take very little at face value. Long-held social norms and stances? They see no problem with smashing them to bits.

For Sagittarius Pluto, ideas exist to be challenged and taken apart. However, regardless of disagreement, these folks are (mostly) content to live and let live, provided that their personal freedom isn't restricted. Brimming with zeal and curiosity, this placement exudes the energy of the Fool in tarot. Sagittarius Pluto simply wants to know and experience—to live and taste all the fruit the planet has to offer.

Positive Traits

Pluto in Sagittarius strives to understand how the other half of everything lives. Throughout their lives, they will likely hop from worldview to worldview in search of a universal truth. However, the pursuit of this ideal often supersedes its attainment. The journey is truly more important than the destination for the Pluto in Sagittarius generation. As a result, some natives of this placement exude a worldly energy.

Although Pluto is a dark planet, Sagittarius Pluto strives to maintain a positive outlook. The world remains their oyster even as it spits out fake pearls.

Negative Traits

For Pluto in Sagittarius, beliefs must have justification. When others are unwilling or unable to explain theirs, Sagittarius Pluto will effectively write them off as inconsequential. Simple faith doesn't suffice. For this reason, they may hold their personal belief system above those of others. Once up, it's difficult to bring them down.

Despite the appearance of philosophical openness, the children—now adults—of this generation want more to be right than to do it. As it is for all Sagittarius placements, self-righteousness is a risk with Pluto in the sign of the Archer.


When Pluto in Sagittarius happens upon a roadblock, they simply hop onto another path and go about their merry way. Every experience is a learning opportunity—even the more unsavory ones. However, as is the case with many fire placements, those with this placement tend toward impulsive action, causing significant detours in their philosophical journeys. Given Pluto's influence, these missteps could be more disastrous than anticipated.

As a result, many of Sagittarius Pluto's so-called "learning experiences" could have been avoided by employing a little more forethought. Still, they wear the scars of their battles with pride, sometimes going so far as to justify their foolishness. They can be a little hypocritical in this way, especially given their self-described honesty and open-mindedness. Still, Pluto in Sagittarius marks a generation that, above all, does mean well.