Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus brings out our inner nesting instincts, making us question our creature comforts and what we need to feel at home.

Saturn also makes us consider how we get comfortable with our finances. If you've been feeling stalled financially, the Bull's determination might give you the extra boost you need. Taurus can tend to indulge in a bit of laziness, so when Saturn is in this sign it's helpful to work on practices and habits that give you an energetic boost. Is there something in your morning routine that could help you start your day on a more productive foot?

Saturn in Taurus: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Earth & Fixed

Positive keywords for Saturn in Taurus:

  • Abiding
  • Methodical
  • Persistent
  • Tangible
  • Well-off

Negative keywords for Saturn in Taurus:

  • Dissatisfied
  • Leisurely
  • Possessive
  • Scrooge
  • Stagnant

Saturn in Taurus Personality

Saturn tightens the belt in Taurus. Taurus' usual love of luxury is reigned in here to produce somewhat of a spendthrift. Where most Taurus placements opt to spend, Taurus Saturn instead saves. Practicality rather than excess is the North Star for those with their Saturn in Taurus. These folks have serious financial and material goals that Saturn pushes them to reach.

However, as different as these Saturnian Taurus' are from their solar counterparts, Saturn can't completely erase the Taurean spirit. It's uncertain whether a higher power even has that ability. So, those with this placement retain the stereotypical Taurus stubbornness—or, more kindly put, their admirable stick-to-it-iveness.

Positive Traits

Though Taurean energy is generally associated with lethargy, Saturn in Taurus natives are some of the more reliable workers. Saturn matures Taurus' stubborn nature, creating an individual with laser focus. They work hard for the money, but theirs is a set and steady drive rather than brief spurts of motivation. After all, slow and steady wins the race. However, it's rare that these folks are actually competing with anyone else. Each of their goals—financial or otherwise—is born of an innate desire to do and be better for themselves.

Negative Traits

In their quest for security, some folks with their Saturn in Taurus become the proverbial dragon guarding their hoard. There is an acute fear of lack with this Saturn placement that goes beyond reason or regard for the current amount in their checking accounts.

The quest for stability is understandable, but excessive wealth hoarding can be a slippery slope to greed and miserliness. Saturn is the planet of limits and here reminds us that spending as well as accumulation must occur in moderation. After all, what use is money if it's never spent?


Taurus' nest eggs trump their materialistic urges with Saturn. Gone is the self-indulgent sign willing to spend their last few dollars on a premium meal. Value is a keyword with this Saturn placement. Taurus Saturn realizes that money doesn't grow on trees, so they can be unwilling to part with their acquired wealth. Rather than enjoying their wealth—as it very well may be a considerable amount—those with their Saturn in Taurus have a (sometimes unfounded) fear of loss.

The worst of these natives become veritable Scrooge's, bereft of philanthropic sentiments and self-involved. Charity and balance are two large lessons for Saturn in Taurus.