Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings

Nine of Pentacles Card Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles in Tarot stands for discipline, self-reliance, and refinement. The Nine of Pentacles meaning in a Tarot reading is positive. It's about not concentrating too much on the business side of life, represented by coins in the image that are placed toward the ground. On the other hand, there is another side to life: the arts, music, and the other forms of beauty that are very much part of our lives. You have to enjoy these finer things, too.

Upright Nine of Pentacles Card Meaning

When the Nine of Pentacles is upright in a Tarot reading, it's time to let go and enjoy the finer things in life and share that abundance with others. You've earned it. It's time to focus less on work and more on enjoying arts and culture. The card also signifies self-reliance. Remember to trust your own abilities. This is the time to take matters into your own hands.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles Card Meaning

When the Nine of Pentacles is reversed in a Tarot reading, it means you're not being independent or don't have freedom or stability. It's also a reminder that the best things in life are free, and materialism won't make you happy in the end. It can also signify that you're lacking in self-control, so pay attention to this and avoid overindulging in any one thing.

Nine of Pentacles Card Love Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles in a Tarot love reading means independence. If you're single, it may mean you're enjoying being unattached. It could also mean you may find a new love interest who's very independent and self-sufficient. If you're in a relationship, this card means your partner offers you support and freedom to live your life or go after your goals.