Taurus Daily Work Horoscope

July 14, 2024

Listen to your intuition, Taurus. You might have particularly strong feelings about a professional engagement when the moon enters Scorpio. It could be impossible to ignore your sixth sense. Maybe you feel like something is about to change, like a new set of responsibilities or someone different to work with. The lunar energy may even allude to something futuristic, so your psychic senses might foretell what is to come in your career path. Regardless, you will feel incredibly pulled to something. Trust your intuition since it will not lead you astray.

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Daily Finances Taurus Horoscope

It's hard to tell which is worse, your internal struggles or your outer ones. Power is the name of the game today, and you're not backing down until you get your fair share of it; if you have to wrestle your inner demons first, then so be it.

Daily Bonus Taurus Horoscope

Closely examine your credit card bills and assess your financial health today.

Taurus Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of July 14, 2024

An unexpected wave of anger may hit you at the beginning of your workweek, Taurus. Be mindful of your temper and triggers when Mars in your sign conjuncts Uranus in your sign on Monday, July 15. Something may happen at work that sets you off. It might be hard to reign it in, especially if you are...

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Taurus Monthly Work Horoscope

Month of July 2024

If you’re working from home, things could feel a little strained for the first few days of the month when the Neptune retrograde commences on July 2 and illuminates your networking community. If you work elsewhere, Taurus, be careful not to bring stress from your workday home. The Cancer new moon...

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Taurus Yearly Work Horoscope

Year of 2024

Financial guru Venus is your planetary leader, so there are a large number of Bulls who attain financial success. Because of that, you often seek high-paying positions instead of careers that are satisfying in other ways. Will your career opportunities in 2024 help you earn what you think you...

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