Year of 2018: Your sign of the Monkey gets along relatively well with the Dog, enough that the year of the earth Dog is an overall positive one for you. Your normally curious nature may feel shut down or disregarded on the job, when hard work put in over time, not wild creativity, is rewarded this year.

Monkey natives may also feel challenged in love and romance, when they’re just not meeting enough interesting people to feel satisfied. Rather than relying on your normal charm and wit, you may have to dig deeper. Luckily, your intelligence lends itself to new things. Meeting new people through shared activities, or just attending an event you’ve never attended before yields you lots of new friends and possible dating partners.

Money and work can be stressful at times, so look to any excess funds you may have as getaway cash. Travel and new places tug on your natural inclination to explore. Have a great adventure!

Year of 2018: Your career is important to you, Monkey, and you may have several of them during your working life. Some may call you unfocused, but you just have a lot of interests and need to explore them in order to feel fulfilled.

This year, during the earth Dog’s reign, you may find it difficult to concentrate at work. You’re just not feeling it the way you used to and may feel compelled to look for a new position around the end of spring.

Those unemployed and looking for a new job find the same time a little tense. You know something’s close, but it may take until the solar eclipse of July 12 to land the position of your dreams. Don’t be surprised if you have to take a slight step back since the earth Dog doesn’t immediately reward what you’ve already done.

Proving your loyalty will be the key to earning more this year, and getting along with co-workers and bosses. Looking for a promotion shouldn’t come across as demanding, either. Make your case in a quiet and confident way during the fall, and you’ll likely get what you’re seeking. Entrepreneurs with their own businesses may also hear some good news around this time.

Year of 2018: You love playing the field in romance, Monkey, but may find that the year of the earth Dog brings a new surprise into your love life – settling down. The earth energy is perfect for growing anything you set your mind to.

If you’re single and looking for someone new, for example, growing your social network, or even your sense of trust that someone perfect for you will appear, is a must. You’re attending fewer gatherings and parties, but not to worry. Monkeys always know how to find what they’re looking for eventually. The months of March and April stand out as excellent times to get out there and flirt. You know you’ve got the goods, and now all you need to do is sort through your options to find the right one for you.

If you’ve already got a significant other, the solar eclipse of February 15 provides the perfect time to schedule those romantic dinners, intimate trips, and other couple-ish activities. Even a night out at the arcade can have you laughing so hard you forget any worries you may have had. November is another time for Monkey natives to take stock.

If you’ve been on the fence about someone, it’s time to get off and make a decision. You’re not helping anyone by stringing someone along. Chances are you’ll find yourself reveling in holiday plans and deciding what to wear, as you may be introducing someone new and exciting to all your friends. Make it a year to remember.

Year of 2018: You may be so busy, Monkey, that you sometimes forget about your health, or take it for granted. But during the year of the earth Dog, you’re encouraged to slow down a little, make stress reduction and self-care priorities, and find the perfect balance between putting wellness first and chilling out.

The month of May proves to be an important one for you in your health. Scheduling important appointments for this time helps make sure they’re all taken care of, and also impresses your inner self by showing how much you care. Proving this to yourself, again and again, is crucial. It’s not selfish to put yourself first when you’re talking about your health.

If you want to try a new fitness plan, work up to more reps, more days, and harder workouts. Weekend Warriors only risk injury, and there’s no reason for that when you have so much earth energy supporting your overall growth.

Year of 2018: Monkeys love so many things that they must have money around in order to do them all. Sometimes, though, you may also forget about the future.

This year, under the earth Dog energy, you’re being asked to slow down a little (not easy for you) and make concrete plans for saving and investing. While both could prove challenging, you also love a reward. Yours will be seeing your wealth grow from statement to statement.

New investing is highlighted around the lunar eclipse of July 27 when you’re able to earn a little more through a raise at work, a small gambling win, or side job. Dogs have an inner determination that you can borrow this year. Getting more focused on your long-term financial success is one of the year’s most important lessons.

As you think about your future, visualize all you’ll do with the money, and you’ll be happy to keep setting it aside.

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