Year of 2018: Since your sign of the Rooster doesn’t get along that well with the Dog, this year of the earth Dog may prove challenging to you in several ways.

Love can come to a standstill unless important changes are made. Your stubborn streak may resist, but it’s time to figure out how much you’re willing to do for romance in your life.

At work, you’re struggling to remain relevant, as people who were hired after you get promoted. Good thing you’ve got your trademark resilience to rely upon.

When times get tough, you’re more than happy to retreat for a bit to lick your wounds, or dive into the unknown to see what you can make out of any situation. That trait alone will help you through any troubling times during this year, and create all kinds of rewards for you. As you learn some important life lessons, you grow into the person you were meant to be.

Year of 2018: Rooster natives love to use their strong intelligence to solve problems at work. Sometimes, that means you’re more comfortable working alone, handing off your amazing ideas for others to complete.

But during the year of the earth Dog, you’re asked to work in groups more, which could be uncomfortable for you, and under deadlines that are tighter than you like. Good thing the solar eclipse of August 11 shines a light on what you’re bringing to the group. Use this time period to show how you stand out from the crowd while extolling the virtues of your co-workers. You’ll gain in popularity overnight. If you’re interested in building a closer relationship with your boss, take him or her out to lunch sometime, without an agenda. That way, when it’s time to ask for more at your next review, you already have a strong rapport.

Those seeking a new job should look to April, June, and July as the best months to branch out into new territory. Involving your social network is key to finding the best positions out there. It pays to be a little picky now, to land the very best job for you. Ask for what you’re worth, and it is granted.

Year of 2018: During the year of the earth Dog, Rooster, you may find some challenges when it comes to your dating life. Single Roosters seeking new love may be in a rut, meeting the same kind of person again and again. It’s time to switch things up.

The earth Dog energy asks that you consider looking for unconventional places to meet new prospects. Bars and clubs are played out, so why not take a class, attend a talk, or throw a small party and ask friends to bring someone you don’t already know? That way, your loyal pals grow as much as your romantic life. June is an important month if you’re dating online. You may find that someone’s not telling you the truth, or is stringing you along. Extricating yourself politely gets the job done, and you’re free to return to something more satisfying.

For those already partnered up, think about what you want to achieve this year. Is it moving in together, or getting engaged? Or are you thinking about starting a family? Whatever the case, you’re making some important moves around July and August, when the stars align to support this big life step.

The more you can balance your romantic relationship with friends and family, the more you experience a kind of ease and good fortune you haven’t felt before. Relaxing into who you’re meant to be feels so good. By year-end, you’ve learned a lot about your needs, and are ready to take another step toward true romance.

Year of 2018: This year, Rooster natives like you may need more rest and relaxation than normal. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. The earth Dog just asks that you learn to appreciate the ride.

As much as you work hard, climbing the social and career ladders each day, you also need to play. This may mean you take more days off, or find ways to incorporate more joy into your daily life. Taking in an afternoon matinee, strolling through a new neighborhood on the weekend, or just visiting with friends can bring your stress way down.

During the lunar eclipse of July 27, you may need to be even more careful with your health. Your schedule’s not getting any less busy, after all.

Throughout the year, incorporating small changes like switching out dessert for fruit, and adding more veggies to every meal really make a difference. Make sure to get all your regular checkups before year end.

Year of 2018: For Rooster natives, the year of the earth Dog presents a very real chance to increase your cash flow across the board. Good news, right?

Though some of your decision-making in recent years hasn’t panned out the way you wanted, this year encourages you to put some of your money into safe bets like savings accounts and IRAs, while using a small portion for riskier investments like the stock market and other funds.

As always, your budget will be important, as you’re trying to stay within your spending limits. Though it’s not always fun, you’re making smart choices that will positively affect your future. By March, you’ve even got your financial paperwork and tax preparation done, and can expect a refund soon. Use it wisely, Rooster.

If you’re saving for something big like a home, you’ll get there so much sooner if you resist impulse buying, which is usually only followed by buyer’s remorse. Do what’s right for you.

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