monkey Yearly Chinese Horoscopes for 2021

Year of 2021

For Monkey natives, the year of the metal Ox brings a focus on communication. And while slow, methodical Ox energy is very different from your high-speed, quick-thinking Monkey energy, communication is one of your talents.

This year, you learn how to impart what you know at different speeds, on different topics, and to various people across the spectrum of humanity. You will be adapting to new circumstances with ease. Your skill at negotiation will help you in business, as well as in personal relationships. And your ability to perceive and understand situations quickly will come very much in handy. The challenge will be your natural restlessness and love of variety, in a world that’s focused on just plowing ahead in an orderly fashion.

This year, you want different things. What you liked before now seems boring and overly conventional. In 2021, you may be exploring new foods, craving new experiences, and looking to meet new people. You may desire instant gratification. This is in contrast with the Ox year, when people often stick patiently with tradition.

There's a focus this year on the quality of your life. You might be looking at the neighborhood where you live and whether it’s moving up or in decline. You may look at the career industry you’re in, with an eye toward its future prospects. You may decide that you want an entirely different lifestyle.

In your 12-year cycle, you are in the last year of your seed-tending time. Next year, you'll enter your harvest period. But even now, in 2021, money opportunities will come more easily. You've learned a lot about how to profit from different types of economies.

When it comes to relationships, you're a bit out of sync with the energy this year. This can make it hard for you to connect with some people. While you're moving at the speed of the Flash, they’re just moseying along. This means that you'll need to have patience with others and allow them some time to catch up with you. Overall, this is a year of adjustments.

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