rooster Yearly Chinese Horoscopes for 2021

Year of 2021

Rooster natives will be happy to hear that 2021, the year of the metal Ox, brings very harmonious energy. When you consider the Rooster and the Ox, they both come from the barnyard. But since they don't compete for food, nor do they fight with each other, there is peace. As the world feels the energy of the methodical, productive Ox, you will see many opportunities for more money and improved relationships. Rooster natives are known for being very organized. And so, as opportunities arise, you could expand your income and possibly increase your family.

The focus this year centers around your lifestyle and the things you own. Rooster natives love having closets filled with the best that money can buy. But if 80 percent of the things in your house are items you don't wear or use, the energy flow could be clogged. Rooster natives would do well to cull the clutter.

Financially, this can be an exceptional year. With the harmonious Ox energy, you will have more options than you’ve had in some time.

There's a great deal of focus on getting to know yourself better. This will pay great dividends, as you hone your talents and tell others of your skills. People will pay attention to your accomplishments this year, rather than on what you plan to do. This is a year where the energy shifts from learning how to do something to implementing what you know. The time is past for sketching out plans. Now is the time to put things in motion.

There is positive energy around relationships, especially for Rooster natives who are looking for love. You have the opportunity to meet someone who shares your values and understands the real you. There will also be great connections as you meet new friends. You'll find your tribe.

There's a lot of healing energy at home. After the challenges of the past year, your family has come closer together. There is fertility energy this year, and you may be adding a new child and/or pet to the family. Overall, this is a very harmonious year that has you smiling and skipping down life's path.

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