Monkey Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2022

A Change of Scene

2022 marks the beginning of the year of the water Tiger. This will be some wild energy. Fortunately, Monkey, you don't mind a little bit of wildness! After the previous year of adjustments, suddenly it seems like being talented, ingenious, and proficient just isn't enough. The world is now demanding more from you, and this is not always fair. That’s the challenge of being in an opposition year, as you are. But there is also treasure for you in 2022, if you're willing to dig.

You are in the seventh year of your 12-year cycle. If we consider the 12-year cycle like a year on the farm, harvest time is just beginning. This means that after years of hard work, you now have major opportunities for prosperity and success. These opportunities are all well deserved. But just like on the farm, the harvest years are the busiest. Monkey, expect to sweat this year as you load your bushels with ripe fruits and healthy vegetables. If you're willing to get out of the house and start harvesting, your baskets can overflow with abundance.

Your luck is centered around finances, possessions, and wealth accumulation. There are challenges in the year of the water Tiger, especially with getting recognition and meeting helpful people. But because it's a harvest year, you can create streams of income or increase your current flow of money. Monkey, you are known for being quite shrewd with money and skillful in business. And this year, you'll put those skills to use.

Your challenge is twofold in 2022. If you're in a room with a Tiger and a Monkey, your eyes are probably on the Tiger. And with everyone's attention on the Tiger this year, you’ll have to shout loudly to be heard. More effort is needed to find new friendships, love connections, or jobs. Secondly, you will need to get out of your comfort zone this year. There's a moment, when climbing, where you’re reaching for the next handhold. Everything feels quite insecure—but this is the only way to get to the top.

During the water Tiger year, success comes through connections with groups and organizations. You are more likely to be seen and heard if you're among a group of like-minded people. Monkey, this means joining networking groups, community organizations, or spiritual groups. Any of these can bring you benefits.

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