Aquarius Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

As Saturn moves through Pisces this year, Aquarius, your focus is on your second house, giving you the opportunity to work on topics related to your self-worth and finances, including your talents and abilities, money, and material possessions. Getting more organized in these life areas will be your goal in 2024, and while you crave innovation, taking a “back to basics” approach will pay off more than trying to be overly creative.

Your rebellious home planet Uranus is traveling in grounded Taurus and your home and family life zone again this year, promoting healthy changes in this area as long as they aren’t made too quickly or irrationally. The earthy influence of the Bull affects you in a positive way, but you often become impatient while waiting for things to happen. And speaking of patience, Aquarius, the retrograde period of Uranus from the start of September through the end of the year gives you plenty of time to rethink things that have happened up to this point and allows you to put a plan in motion for change in the future. You’re a pro at finding alternate ways of doing things, but the key to successful change during this retro period continues to be that dreaded P word!

Your unique (okay, weird!) personality is your biggest flex, Aquarius, and you exude confidence like no other sign during your birthday month. As always, the confident, ego-boosting sun passes through your sign early in the year, so from the end of January until the end of February, it’s all about you! Finding a way to celebrate your offbeat, individual style isn’t usually a problem, and this year is no exception. As a social sign, you have the most fun when your party is packed with people—the more A listers the better—but you can get down with a smaller event too, as long as it’s personalized to your wants and likes.

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