Pisces Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

Pisces, are you ready for the spotlight? Ambitious Saturn spends time in your first house of self and new beginnings this year, which means you’re going to have plenty of chances to work on yourself and your image. That might be a little scary for an introverted sign like you, but trust us when we say that this year’s stunningly dynamic transformation will be well worth the little bit of discomfort you might feel.

And, of course, your dreamy ruler Neptune stays at home in your first house again for all of 2024, giving you advanced psychic abilities and an immense and powerful understanding of your dreams. You’re easily able to cultivate an otherworldly sense of wisdom during this captivating transit that few people ever experience in their whole lifetime. And being open to receive these karmic, spiritual, and ethereal gifts from the Universe makes this year an unforgettable one.

However, every year you also experience Neptune retrograde, and this year it strikes from early July to the end of the year. Yikes! That’s a lot of harsh realities headed your way, Pisces! However, with everything else you have going on, this year’s retro cycle might not hit you with the same harshness of previous Neptune retrograde periods. You won’t be able to stop certain unpleasant issues from resurfacing, but thanks to some other favorable planetary positioning, you should be a little more resilient and willing to face the challenges that being awakened from your dream state entails.

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This is the year for you to learn your true capabilities and live up to your full career expectations, Pisces. As you go through a full transformation and restructuring phase, you will be redefining career goals and breaking through limitations. Short-sightedness can get you into trouble this year. Keeping your eye on long-term success will help you stay focused and committed to your job duties and responsibilities throughout 2024.

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