In 2019, the Magic of 11/11 Is More Powerful Than Ever

November 9, 2019

In 2019, the sacred synchronicity of 11/11 takes on an even more magical manifestation due to a rare astronomical alignment—the “transit of Mercury.”

In numerology, 11 is a master number. It alone holds a special significance as the number representing spiritual awakenings and powerful new beginnings.

We have all been told to make a wish when we happen to look at the clock as it hits 11:11. It is believed that, if we repetitively see 11:11 on the clock, we are being called to pay attention to our intuition and the synchronicity around us.

2020 proves to be a powerful year for all of us–but what does it hold for you? 

In these moments, we are being asked to pay attention to the kind of magic that appears in just one minute… but actually has the power to stay with us much longer.

The Eleventh Month

The month of November is a sacred time of year. Ruled by Scorpio, the sign of regeneration and transformation, the eleventh month features the darkest energy of the entire year. As the days start getting shorter and shorter, we feel driven to confront our shadows so we can shed what no longer serves us and make room for a new version of ourselves in the upcoming season.

When we combine the energies of the eleventh month with the eleventh day, the result is a powerful vibration that allows us to awaken our mind to a new potential. Numerology holds the keys to making sense of life’s mysteries—what answers can you find?

Why Is 11/11 so Important in 2019?

The cosmic gate is wide open.

11/11 happens every year. But in 2019, the already magical date receives a special cosmic bonus by Mercury retrograde in Scorpio crossing right through the very heart of the sun—an event that astronomers call a “transit of Mercury” that hasn’t happened in Scorpio since 2006 and that only happens around 13 times per century!

What does 2020 mean for you according to numerology?

On this day, Mercury will be seen passing exactly between Earth and the sun. According to Gary Caton, author of Hermetica Triptycha: The Mercury Elemental Year, “this powerful alignment is a chance to zoom into the very heart of something and witness it in a way we are hardly ever able to see in the bustle of our day-to-day lives. Since Scorpio is a water sign, this is accompanied by a penetrating emotional clarity that arrives as an inner epiphany.”

For those who have been yearning for a transformation, it is now within reach. With both, the sun and Mercury retrograde forming a harmonious sextile with powerful Pluto and grounding Saturn, our determination to succeed will be brought to our awareness as we deal with the wounds that have been holding us back. The promise of healing will be present as Neptune retrograde dissolves anxiety and sadness by sending its beams through a water trine from magical Pisces.

With that in mind, what have you carried with you that could benefit from this rare transit?

Harnessing the Power of 11/11

On this date, set aside some time at 11:11am and 11:11pm for some self-reflection. There is no right way to do this: meditation, crystal or psychic healing, energy work, or any of your divination techniques, simply setting time aside for your ritual of choice when the clock strikes 11:11 will open incredibly powerful cosmic gates for you.

Remember: this is not an easy or a one-time affair. This activation we create is not a quick fix and should not be seen as that. Its effects are far more long-lasting. Whichever spiritual work we focus on, harnessing the 11/11 vibration consists of monitoring one’s thoughts and focusing on the positive spectrum of what one wants to manifest. Similar to mantra work, unlocking this frequency becomes possible as we focus our minds on what we desire rather than what we want to erase or what we want out of our lives.

From a minute, to a day, to a year, the sacred magic of 11 is all around us.

Art by Amanda Lynn