Scorpio in 2nd House: Meaning, Money, Values

May 31, 2022

The 2nd House represents earning money, long-term commitments, and personal values. Here’s what it means when it’s occupied by intense Scorpio.

What Does the 2nd House Represent 

It’s all about the money in this house! So let’s make it rain! Seriously, the 2nd House is the house of value, also known as the house of possessions. Value can mean a variety of things: from material goods to personal beliefs. 2nd House represents how we treat the things we own, including our emotions. 

Our 2nd House and our second house ruler shows up in various ways: in how we earn our income, our spending habits, our assets, what we invest in, and our possessions. It also shows up in our self-worth, our attachments, and our values.

 If you have a lot of planets in your 2nd House—money will be a major issue in your life and part of your life journey is learning to balance a healthy relationship with money. Learning to make enough to be comfortable but not letting it consume you. If there are no planets in the 2nd House, money may not be a major issue in your life, and may not have any great attachments to material things. 

Scorpio in 2nd House 

Traditionally, Scorpio rules over the 8th House, the house of intimacy and shared fiancees. When mysterious and intense Scorpio rules over the house of values, it affects how we view money, material goods, and how we possess that we own (or think that we own). 


When Scorpio is in the 2nd House, money is a deeply private affair. We need to be strategic when getting what we want, waiting for the right moment to strike. When Scorpio is in the 2nd House, acquiring money is not the end goal, it is merely a means to an end. It’s what we do with the money is what they value, whether it’s getting the power we want or the people we desire.  

On the flip side, Scorpio is about getting to the truth of all things. So when the 2nd House is in Scorpio, we can easily see that money is the root of all evil in this world. Second house Scorpio can become disillusioned about money and working under capitalism that they devote their lives to finding the true meaning of life and what they value.  


People born with Scorpio in the 2nd House are very secretive about money, never willing to discuss it openly, not even with their partners. These people may be born into wealthy families where money was never discussed. It could also be they don’t want people to ask about their money, because they might borrow some. 

Either way, 2nd House Scorpios are very private about their financial situation. If they’re wealthy, you would never know it. Frugal, this placement keeps it modest by not spending their money on material goods. You rarely see them wearing brand new designer clothes in a flashy car.

2nd House Scorpio is highly ambitious, working very hard to achieve its goals. They value power and if money will help them get that power, they’ll use it. 2nd House Scorpios are diligent, intelligent, and independent. They get things done, especially under pressure. If they are not born into money, they will work hard to transform their lives. 

Scorpio in the 2nd House tends to be a little possessive—both with money and with people. As a fixed sign, they can grow deeply attached to how things are that they are often unwilling to change. They may still drive an old car even though they can afford a new one because it would be a change. Emotional, Scorpios may cling to things that make them feel safe—including money or partners and will do anything to keep them. 

Scorpio is not afraid of taking a walk on the darker side of life. They may earn money by doing things that are a little taboo, including sex, occult practices, and death. 

How to Find Your Second House 

Your 2nd House comes right after your 1st house, also known as your rising sign. So whatever sign comes after your rising sign, that’s your second house. For example, if you’re a Libra rising, your 2nd House will be ruled by Scorpio. However, make sure you get a birth chart done by an astrologer to make sure. 


What planets are in my 2nd House? 

To find out what planets are in your second house, check out your birth chart. 

What House does Taurus rule? 

Taurus rules the 2nd house: the house of value and possessions. 

How many signs do you have in your birth chart?

You can have up to twelve different signs in your birth chart as each house is ruled by a birth chart. 

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