Chiron in Aquarius: Meaning, Return, How to Find

January 10, 2023

If you want to really understand someone, look at their Chiron placement. The asteroid Chiron is symbolic of the “wounded healer.” In astrology, this placement discusses your deepest childhood wound and how you may act on it throughout your entire life. Here, we’ll cover how Chiron in Aquarius affects core personality, fears, and triggers.


In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur who, unlike other centaurs, was docile, smart, and had a proclivity for medicine. He acted as a healer throughout his life. However, in the end, Chiron was struck by an arrow that he could not heal himself and while he was also immortal, had to carry this wound with him to his work, bed, and all life experience. He symbolizes “immortal wounds” or wounds that we carry with us from the moment we are born until we pass on.

In astrology, Chiron is an asteroid that represents where we feel the most shame or shortcoming, according to astrologer Lauren Ash. “We all carry around wounds from our past and Chiron shines a light on where you must go inward to find self–love and healing.”

Aquarius is the most individualist and unique sign in the zodiac—and they are proud of that, usually. But as a Chiron placement, Ash says that it suggests a deep-seated fear of not fitting in. “Chiron in Aquarius is a wound that focuses on struggles to feel a sense of belonging with your peers,” she says. “There’s a sense of feeling as though you’re looking in on others from the outside or that your ideals and beliefs don’t always align with the accepted norm.” 


Chiron in Aquarius natives tend to stay outside social circles and enjoy time alone. However, they may be considered “outsiders” who may feel that their unique views are too strange for others to understand, according to Ash.

But we also have to talk about healing. Chiron is the part of our chart that discusses how we tend to heal others. And since the sign Aquarius is very much a humanitarian, you can imagine the kind of effect this placement has on someone. “It’s important to point out that this placement is also very common among the greatest humanitarians of the world, as this placement causes people to question power structures and dream of a different future,” says Ash.

For example, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs all have Chiron in Aquarius in their birth chart. This placement belongs to the geniuses who never felt as though they fit in, but who from their different point of view of the world, was able to make society-altering changes to it!

Chiron Return

“Your Chiron Return is as close to a mid-life crisis as you can get when it comes to astrology,” Ash explains. 

Since Chiron takes around 49 years to travel through the zodiac, you will experience your Chiron return near your 50th birthday. It also lasts about two years—a perfect midlife crisis. According to Ash, your Chiron return has the potential to bring healing and spiritually transformative experiences. “It’s known to bring about major personal break–throughs that completely change lives, cause people to ditch their careers, and embrace their natural talents and gifts as part of their inner healing process.”

How to Find

The Chiron symbol looks a bit like an upside down key—that looks as though it’s composed of an “O” and a “K.” If you haven’t found out what your Chiron placement is, it’s best to look up your birth chart.

Ash also suggests identifying what House Chiron is in. “Because Chiron spends several years in each sign, the house placement of your Chiron sign will show which major arena of life you’ll experience the biggest transformation in your healing journey,” she says.


What House is my chiron in?

This is something you can find in your birth chart.

Is chiron a planet?

Chiron is an asteroid, not a planet.

How long does chiron stay in a sign?

It takes Chiron around 50 years to go through the whole zodiac. However, Ash points out that Chiron does not spend equal time in each sign. “For example, Chiron spends about 7 to 8 years in signs like Aries and Pisces and only one to two years in signs like Virgo and Libra,” she says. So, Chiron’s timing can range anywhere from two to six years. 

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