Are You Ready to Wrap up 2018? These Powerful Crystals Will Help

November 29, 2018

Our monthly Crystalscopes pair each zodiac sign with a crystal whose energies can support us through the coming month’s transits.

Read these for your sun, moon, and rising signs to learn what you should wear, carry, or place on an altar to help boost your specific astrology for the month.

But, first thing’s first: What’s up this month?

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This December may have a disorienting vibe. We all need to beware of getting bogged down in disempowering ideas about not being able to break free from negative cycles. Consider instead that one never steps twice in the same river, and that even when it feels like it is the same damn thing over and over, it is always subtly different. And, remember: there is always opportunity to utilize free will.

Mercury retrograde ingresses into Scorpio early in the morning of December 1. Communication, already blurry under the governance of Mercury retrograde, becomes even more riddled with potential pitfalls under Scorpio’s glowering influence.

To add insult to injury, Venus ingresses to Scorpio the very next day, joining the messenger in the cauldron of transformation on December 2.

This is shaping up to be a season primed for dissolving toxic patterns and habit-breaking, and the new moon in Sagittarius on December 6 will be a great day to make a plan or formally conduct an intention spell around whatever you’d like to permanently release.

Mercury goes direct December 7, lightening things up a bit, and races toward lofty, fun-loving, and philosophical Sagittarius (ingress on December 12).

Mid-month, it is time to ground and get serious, when the sun enters Capricorn on December 21 and winter solstice is upon us. A full moon in Cancer rises and dredges up nostalgic tears on December 22; family is often in focus this time of year but this full moon and recent retrograde cycles will ensure that we’re focused on healing our family lines and properly processing our ancestral karma.

Read on for the crystals that may be able to support you the most in this work this month!



Hematite-included quartz

Aries may feel a little hot under the collar: over-eager, edgy or restless – Uranus is back in your sign and giving off sparks. Patience is not known to be the virtue of the ram, and with the slightly repetitive vibe of December, Aries can struggle with wound-tight tempers and impulse control. This is especially evident when the Capricorn and Cancer influences come in a little later in the month and create squares to Aries, but Venus’ last meanderings through Libra (in opposition to Aries) is no picnic either.

Best to focus on cooling, calming and cultivating patience with oneself and others. Aries loathes being a doormat, and hematite-included quartz is just the ticket to ensure that no one will take advantage – but there’s no need to be a jerk to prevent such a thing from happening. Hematite is of iron, the metal associated with Aries, and enclosed in quartz it amplifies and stabilizes the energy, helping Aries to create constructive boundaries and cultivate kindness. Try carrying a piece in your pocket and squeezing it for comfort instead of snapping at your relatives.


Green tourmaline

The dizzying actions of Mercury and Venus in Scorpio can feel almost aggressive to Taurus, marauding through Taurus’ personal life, and this unearthing may set the bulls back emotionally at the beginning of the month. The amount of busy energy and go-go-go vibe of Sagittarius season can also feel a bit overwhelming, especially on top of so much emotional processing. Taurus will need a touchstone to keep calm and carry on, and green tourmaline is where it’s at.

This lovely and luminous conductor of heart energy can help Taurus be open to change and not go too hard on the holiday indulgences. This is also a fantastic stone for calling in abundance, something Taurus may feel deprived of. Best worn on the body, especially as earrings or close to the throat.


Pink kunzite

With Gemini’s ruling planet traversing the Scorpio underworld (backwards, no less!) and then bouncing back into a companionably mutable sign, Gemini probably has LOTS to talk about but may have trouble settling on an ideal outcome or choosing the right words – especially where it comes to love and romance and clarifying one’s needs.

With all the internal back-and-forth, pink kunzite can be a helpful ally in choosing diplomacy, gentleness and love. Placing a piece under your pillow can be a great way to find restful sleep and peaceful dreams, and to help direct all of Gemini’s excess intellectual energy (especially lit this month) toward a singular goal.



Oh baby, this moon is gonna be a big old deal for you. The moon is exalted when in Cancer, and it is full on the first day of the light’s returning, but Capricorn season is usually a bit of a bind for crab natives. This may feel like a month when things are good, even great, but there is just too much to hold – a kind of awe or overwhelm may dominate Cancer’s emotional experience of the holidays.

Major renovations are taking place in Cancer’s hopes and dreams sector, and maintaining an environment of peace and stability is crucial this month. Sodalite, especially when carried as a talisman or kept out in the main area of a home, promotes a vibe of peace love and understanding – just what Cancer is going to need to come through the eye of this particular needle.


Rose quartz

With everything that is unfolding in December, it is important for Leo to remember to stop and smell the roses – or stop and caress the rose quartz. The pacing of the month will feel demanding to every member of the zodiac, but Leo can more than most feel overworked, overlooked, dejected and disappointed.

Rose quartz to the rescue! One of our most common crystal allies in self-care, rose quartz reminds us that we are always loved and always worthy, and that we ought to care for ourselves before assisting others. Whether worn or carried, rose quartz can be Leo’s buddy all season long, reminding the lions to keep a light heart and make room for pleasure.



While expressing love through acts of service is arguably the norm for Virgo, December calls this sign into even more significant levels of selflessness and a myriad of opportunities to provide advice and assistance. While saying no to doing too much is also important, it seems that some level of overwork may be inevitable.

Enter selenite! Named for the goddess of the moon, this fragile white mineral often used for clearing spaces and auric fields is also a natural fiberoptic – it transmits wavelengths of visible light with ease and luminous grace. Virgo can benefit from some soothing meditations with selenite this month, to balance out the extraordinary amount of selfless service and surrender they’ll be called to offer – just a few minutes a day with a selenite palm stone will work wonders for the zodiac’s resident wonder-workers.



Jet is traditionally associated with periods of mourning and grief. This lightweight pseudo-mineral can poetically be described as carbon on its way to becoming a diamond, and that description may match the amount of pressure Libra has been feeling the past couple of months. Venus retrograde may have been particularly jarring and has probably upended the scales a bit, bringing emotions to the surface – and they are up for continued processing, especially now that Uranus the disruptor smolders in retrograde opposition in the sign of Aries.

In order to gracefully and thoroughly comprehend everything that has come to light, rather than slip into distraction or denial, Libra needs something to anchor them to their emotions – to relate to difficult feelings without identifying with them. Wearing a jet bead or carrying a small pocket stone can help create the sense of authentic stability Libra may crave this month.



Through a glass darkly! As Venus and Mercury emerge from their journeys, Scorpio will likely find themselves utterly transformed. Whether engaged in deliberate practices or not, Scorpio has likely felt some type of shamanic work or soul retrieval work being undertaken, as a profound shift in consciousness is possible for Scorpio at this time. Thin sheets of muscovite or mica were once used as windows before human beings could master glasswork, and this mineral can be Scorpio’s guide toward new horizons.

If you can find a thin sheet of this delicate mineral, all the better, but even some small oft-overlooked flakes of mica on your altar (or in your mineral makeup) will do the trick. This mineral was once associated with legends of phoenixes, the most exalted form of Scorpio symbolism. You’ve been reborn, Scorpio! Celebrate your transformation and power.


Golden calcite

Happy birthday to our December centaurs! The awkward beginning of the month may have Sagittarius a little flummoxed or set back by irritating details, but once Mercury returns to your sign and the moon wanes to newness and potential it is time to pull that bowstring taut and seize the day no matter what seems to stand in your way.
Golden calcite is a great party aid all the time, enhancing conviviality and bringing in an abundance of good cheer, and especially since it is Sagittarius’ time to shine this month, golden calcite makes a wonderful addition to an altar or centerpiece. Use the willpower-enhancing qualities of this stone to know what to say yes to; use its peacekeeping power to know what to say no to.



December has the possibility of amping up Capricorn’s receptivity to romantic energy, and emerald can stoke that fire. Historically, emerald is the stone of the adoring heart – this famous green stone has more of a classical association with love and fidelity than diamonds do. And whether partnered or single, Capricorn is in the limelight when it comes to love energy this month.

Wearing one (especially an antique or heirloom piece, or a gift from a friend or lover) can boost the love signal even further and aid Capricorn in keeping open eyes and an open heart, to receive the gift of love wherever they may find it.



A certain lightness can permeate Aquarius’ energetic field this month, sometimes tipping into an almost disembodied or manic quality. While the ideas, conversation topics and philosophical solutions to the world’s problems may be coming in hot, and the excitement may be scintillating, it is good to stay connected to simplicity too in order to avoid burnout.

Mother-of-pearl or shell invites in a balance by cooling things just a little when the flame burns white-hot, so that Aquarius can facilitate serenity and stillness amidst the hustle and bustle of so much brilliance and intellect. Shell beads or bracelets are especially suitable, but a shell on an altar works suitably as well, and does double duty by calling in the element of water.


Ruby zoisite

Pisces, like fellow mutable sign Virgo, will be called into action by the Sagittarius energy setting up exciting but possibly challenging squares to the sign of the fishes. The type of action Pisces is called into, however, is the emotionally murky, conflict-resolution kind, and may well involve the mysteries of love.

Whether your own drama or somebody else’s, December is likely to see Pisces pulled into at least one sticky social situation that will require more than a fair share of grace to navigate. While appropriately festive in color, red-and-green gemstone combo ruby and zoisite does more than just look pretty – when worn or carried, it is said to help connect the heart with the mind and aid them in acting harmoniously to find ideal solutions.

Photo by Dani Costelo on Unsplash