Bathe in the Light of Aries’ Full Moon (Literally) With This Moonbeam Ritual

October 8, 2019

On October 13, the full moon enters Aries—also known as the Hunter’s Moon. You may not be a hunter, but you can still embrace that resulting feeling of abundance in other aspects of your life. The full moon is a great time to get outside at its peak and soak in the light and energy shining down from space. Combined with the strong nature of an Aries, you’ll be sure to pull in all the good vibes you can get.
To honor this lunation, cottage witch Kimber provided this ritual to bathe in the light of the full moon and manifest abundance in our lives.

How does your moon sign affect you?

  • Yourself
  • Any items you feel give you power

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  • Prepare your sacred space under the moon. Lay out any items you brought with you. If it aligns with your beliefs, cast a circle.
  • Get comfortable. For beginners, sitting may be safer, but I prefer standing, arms raised to the sky.
  • Remain still. Concentrate on your breathing and allow the flow of moonbeams to envelope you. Think of the moonbeams as energy flowing within you. If you brought items with you, imagine the moonbeams flowing through those as well.
  • When you feel sufficiently connected to the moon’s energy, begin to make some noise. Move your mouth, lips, and throat. Let sounds flow freely. If it sounds or feels strange at first, don’t try to fight it or understand it. Just let go of your inhibitions and continue surrendering to the connection of moon and self. The moon’s energy is surging and intertwining through every cell. Clear your mind and just let the rush of words and sounds come through. It will feel like every cell in your body is tingling and dancing with electricity.

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  • Continue until you start to feel the energy fade. End by imagining your entire body filling up with moonlight again and focus on a feeling of gratitude. Along with a practice of mindful meditation and surrendering to your body, this is one of the most energizing and power-boosting rituals you can perform.

Happy full moon!

Art by Emma Rodriguez