Autumn's Aligned Transits Offer Opportunities for Magic

September 22, 2019

The planets were known as “wandering stars” to the ancient Greeks and like most wanderers, they fare better in the places that are most suited to their essential natures. Planets traversing one of their favorite places, known as dignities, symbolize opportunities to find our own happy place—and everyone knows there’s a magic that comes from being surrounded by loved ones, friends, and supporters. Much of the autumn season contains opportunities for this kind of magic.
What do the stars have in store for you this month?

Autumn begins with Jupiter in Sagittarius, so the Jupiterian magical qualities of healing, protection, charity, justice, and prosperity are readily available. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius all year, but a series of squares to Neptune have complicated Jupiter matters. Now that Jupiter is free from these squares, it could be time to construct permanent amulets and talismans to channel Jupiter magic from the associated symbols, colors, herbs, and stones. The fall also finds Venus in Libra, so that the Venusian magical qualities of love, friendship, beauty, harmony, and equality are available. Fridays are sacred to Venus, and the first hour after dawn on Friday belongs to her as well—September 27 and October 4 just after dawn are wonderful opportunities to ask for Venus’ magic in your life. Venus leaves Libra on October 8.

Venus, Mercury, the Moon, and Spica, September 29

On September 29, Venus is joined by Mercury and the moon near the magical fixed star Spica—you may even be able to see these four players low in the western sky after dusk! The idea is that fixed stars reside beyond the planets and closer to the divine, and therefore have power above and beyond that of the planets. Spica is associated with gifts and bounty, so as Venus combines her social graces with this star, you may find additional opportunities for advancement or easier access to resources. Venus makes her closest approach to Spica on October 3.
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Saturn Conjunct Vega, October 17–November 15

Saturn has also been in one of its home signs all year, but since March, many of the positive effects of Saturn in Capricorn have been drained of their power by the passage of the south node. The good news is that Saturn finally leaves the south node behind on September 28, and so we can begin to look for the more positive energy of Saturn to be available again. These include discipline, structure, and long-term planning. Additionally, Saturn too will be combining the power of its happy place with the passage across a magical fixed star. Saturn is conjunct Vega within one degree from about October 17 through November 15, with the exact conjunction on November 2. Vega adds the energy of charisma and protection to Saturn’s organizational abilities. This is a great time to initiate long-term projects.
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Transit of Mercury, November 11

The transit of Mercury across the face of the sun on November 11 is a rare event that only happens about thirteen times per century. This means we have the chance to zoom into the very heart of something in our lives and witness it in a way seldom possible. Additionally, the event occurs with both planets in one of their special places. Mercury is in its bounds, which means you may be able to negotiate—or re-negotiate, as Mercury is retrograde—more favorable terms for yourself or others at this time. Additionally, the sun rules the second decan of Scorpio, so solar magic is more available; this includes healing, protection, friendship, and creativity. Since Apollo and Hermes are brothers in the Olympic pantheon, this is a very special and powerful combination, and so some may even want to try to forge a permanent connection to it through creating magical amulets or talismans from the symbols, colors, herbs, and stones associated with these two planets.

Art by Daniel Pashman