What Every Sign Needs to Know About the Full Moon in Aquarius

August 9, 2022

The Aquarius full moon manifests on August 11, bringing electricity to the air that’s hard to deny. This will be a difficult lunar event to manage, as the sun, moon, and Lunar Nodes of Destiny form a rare Grand Cross in the sky. These vibes will push you to evolve and look toward the future, striking a chord as the energy moves in unpredictable ways. Change will be the name of the game for almost every member of the zodiac, though some signs may experience these sentiments more intensely than others. 

The energy at play could feel like being caught in a game of tug-o-war, with a sense that if you’re not careful you could get torn apart. Staying on your toes can help you survive in this cosmic climate, though a select few will manage to surf these currents with ease, allowing them to thrive amongst the chaos. 

Luck and heartbreak will seemingly strike without reason, though wishing for the best and staying on guard won’t hurt your chances when it comes to receiving blessings over misfortune. Acknowledging how your actions impact the world on both a small and large scale can also save you from any lashings the universe is thinking of dishing out, as long as you’re motivated to live a more socially aware and enlightened life. 

Even if you don’t find yourself in the midst of upheaval, it’ll be easy to identify its presence within your friendship circle and the political climate. Luckily, an element of hope will linger in the air, as passionate Mars connects with ethereal Neptune. This celestial collaboration could trigger the motivation humankind needs to fix what’s broken, inspiring many to put action behind their beliefs. Just try not to get mixed up in a political debate you cannot win, choosing to spend your time with people that are on the same side as you, so that you can share ideas and form a network geared toward making a change. 

On a personal level, these vibes are perfect for artistic endeavors, as the stars align to assist you with your vision. Bringing ideas into the material realms will happen more seamlessly right now, so it may be time to revisit any projects you’ve grown bored or frustrated with. Even if you only consider yourself to be a casual artist, the creative that lives inside of you will be begging to come out and play, and you may even feel surprised by the level of skill you’re able to execute. 

The planetary exchange between Mars and Neptune will also generate an opportunity for healing, though connecting with your body and the earth will play an important role in finding tranquility. Breathing exercises and stretching can help you release any harsh vibes that have you feeling wound up, making it a great day for yoga. If you see a healthy opportunity to escape from your troubles for a bit, don’t feel guilty about seizing the opportunity, even if it means shutting your phone off and lounging in the bath for three hours. 

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