Grand Cross Aspect: Meaning, Types, Zodiac Signs

March 17, 2022

A grand cross, or “grand square,” is a rare natal chart aspect that occurs when four planets are separated by 90 degrees—forming a square shape. This cross can be a difficult aspect to bear in your natal chart as you’ll do deal with major struggles within yourself. Don’t worry, we can help you understand this cosmic cross and help you understand yourself. 

Meaning in the Natal Chart 

Having a grand cross in your natal chart is not an easy aspect. With four planets squaring off, you may feel that you’re constantly fighting with yourself, creating plenty of inner turmoil. This cross can affect different areas of your life, depending on which planets are in it. If Venus is in the grand cross, you may have some issues in your love life or finances. If you have Saturn in your cross, you may have a difficult time with boundaries and feeling restricted.

However, despite its difficulties, having a grand cross in your birth chart isn’t a curse. It can help you become the best version of yourself. The grand square gives you more internal challenges that you will have to overcome, making you stronger for the experience. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor is the life motto for someone with a grand cross, as you’ll have to work hard to become the person you’re meant to be. This means working on your weaknesses until they become your strengths. Like a diamond, all that pressure will turn you into something radiant. So consider your cross to be a blessing, not a curse. 

In a grand cross, every one of the four astrological elements is presents: one planet in a fire sign, one planet in an earth sign, one planet in an air sign, and one planet in a water sign. However, all signs will share the same modality, which gives the cross a distinct characteristic. Let’s look at the three types of grand crosses. 


Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) 

A grand cardinal cross is the most challenging modality of all the crosses as it holds the most power. Cardinal signs initiation action and take the lead, so this grand cross feels like four alphas are fighting to take the lead. You may feel constantly pulled between different directions without knowing how to begin. However, if you master this grand cross, you’ll be known as a high achiever, succeeding in multiple areas of your life. 

Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) 

A grand fixed cross is a deeply stubborn aspect. Fixed signs have a difficult time changing their minds once it has been made and, as a result, it’s easy for you to get stuck in bad habits, form ruts easily, and have a difficult time opening your mind to new possibilities. A grand fixed cross will often feel “stuck” throughout their life. Their journey is to become more flexible and open their minds. 

Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) 

A grand mutable cross is the best out of all the grand crosses as mutable signs are famous for their flexibility and adaptability, making it a less tense aspect. However, it does have its unique challenges. A grand mutable can be flighty and have trouble communicating their ideas. Their life lesson is to learn how to focus. 

Square Zodiac Signs 

Here’s a cheat sheet to what each sign is naturally squared to: 

  • Aries: Cancer, Capricorn 
  • Taurus: Leo, Aquarius 
  • Gemini: Virgo, Pisces 
  • Cancer: Libra, Aries 
  • Leo: Scorpio, Taurus 
  • Virgo: Sagittarius, Gemini 
  • Libra: Capricorn, Cancer 
  • Scorpio: Aquarius, Leo 
  • Sagittarius: Pisces, Virgo
  • Capricorn: Aries, Libra 
  • Aquarius: Taurus, Scorpio
  • Pisces: Gemini, Sagittarius

Celebrities with Grand Cross

  • Steve Jobs 
  • Jennifer Lawrence 
  • Mia Farrow 
  • Miles Davis 


What is a square in astrology?

square is an astrological aspect that happens when two zodiac signs are 90 degrees apart. This is an unfriendly aspect that creates tension, conflict, and negative vibes. A square can occur in a birth chart or during transit. 

How do I know if I have a grand cross in my chart? 

You can see if you have a grand cross by looking at your birth chart. If you think you may have one, book a reading with a trained astrologer to help you better understand your cross. 

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