Mars Conjunct Neptune

Mars Conjunct Neptune Natal

Your crusade to fulfill a dream and ideal of how you think the world should operate. "Should" might even be one of your favorite words. You are deeply impacted by the world around you, yet you also feel that you're born to impact the world just as much. So, it's hard to figure out, at times, since you have such a symbiotic relationship with your environment and those in it. This might also mean that your porous boundaries can lead to you either not respecting other people’s boundaries or others crashing through your own. Your body perhaps also shows this tendency and struggles with immunity against invisible and hard to diagnose illnesses. It's not that your reactions are all in your head. But you'd do better to relax your need to penetrate the world with so much of yourself, your visions, or your "shoulds." Then you might see how you can make changes by seeing things more as they are.  

Mars Conjunct Neptune Transit

You perhaps feel a strong need to put your heart and soul into something that's high-minded and lofty, whether that's rescuing animals or people. You want to feel the world more and you want the world to feel you. Yet, you might also lose the sense of how much you're pushing on others for a change. Or how you're affected by others collapsing your own boundaries. You crave an ideal or sense of mission that's spiritual and compelling, as if you can transcend all borders, including your body's. Coping with limits of any kind is very challenging now. "No" is the last thing you want to say or hear. But for your own peace of mind and stability that's exactly what you might need to say or hear more. Re-calibrate your intuition to listen carefully how and when you need to act and when you can or can’t make a change.

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