Get Ready for this January’s Wolf Full Moon in Cancer

January 6, 2023

Brace yourself for one of the more emotionally charged full moons of 2023, star child, as Lady Luna shines brightly in watery Cancer. This lunation is poised to heighten sensitivities, empathic abilities, and intuition, as the universe asks us to touch base with our feelings and those of those around us. 

Though this cosmic climate could certainly lead to a range of emotions from belly laughs to tears, the overarching theme is to find healing by nurturing yourself and the people you love most. However, you’ll want to watch out for psychic vampires or manipulative characters, as the Capricorn sun acts as a reminder of the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries. 

Your voice will play an important role in your ability to draw lines where they’re needed, as the moon and Mercury form an opposition in our skies. Frustrations could emerge if you’ve been stifling your own words, especially if your silence was inspired by people-pleasing tendencies or a fear of rocking the boat. Holding your peace will no longer feel like an option, as the universe pushes you to embrace honesty, even if you’re uncertain of what the outcome might be. 

Unfortunately, you could encounter tension or defensive behaviors from anyone who struggles with accountability, making it important that you choose your words wisely without downplaying what you truly mean. If you’re feeling uncertain about how to breach certain subjects, ask a friend to help you formulate your speech. 

A sweet nostalgia will also linger in the air right now, as the stars ask us to remember the joyous memories that shaped us. These vibes are perfect for continuing traditions you were brought up with, and you’ll find a warming comfort in the hobbies, music, and movies that lifted your spirits as a child. 

While you’ll certainly be called to revisit the past, you should only do so in the hopes of enriching your present circumstances. Unfortunately, not all memories are pleasant ones, and there’s a chance that disappointments you felt when you were younger could bubble back up to the surface. Should you find yourself in tears over days gone by, use the energy at play to finally release and heal these recollections. 

Full moons in general have a reputation for shaking up the vibe, but you can expect things to be a little more unpredictable than usual, as Uranus connects with the sun and moon. Luckily, this celestial exchange is a happy one, leading to unforeseen blessings, opportunities for prosperity, and perhaps a generous gift from a loved one. 

Small moments of beauty will also be in abundance, as the universe uses nature to remind us of how lucky we are to exist on this planet. Work with this cosmic climate by spending some extra time in the great outdoors, immersing yourself in the sights, smells, and sounds Mother Nature provides each day. On a personal level, you may want to practice a few random acts of kindness, in order to perpetuate the theme of pleasant surprises. 

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