Full Moons Highlight Upcoming Changes in Your World

October 14, 2020

Full moons have always been symbols of change, but October’s timely full moon in Taurus on Halloween dares to put that symbolic reputation to the test. The upcoming spooky lunation will land right on top of Uranus, the planet of surprise, revolution, and change. As we move toward this unpredictable energy at the end of the month, what’s the best way to prepare?

Astrology+ comes complete with monthly Full Moon Readings that offer a detailed analysis of the upcoming lunation. The reading covers that particular moon’s conversations and aspects with other planets, its meaning for your zodiac sign, tips on how to harness and honor the energy, and a list of relevant dates to mark for the month.
The full moon represents the biggest shift in your world for the next 30 days. With themes of release and illumination, astrologers turn to the power of lunations for answers and for predictive work. The moon changes constantly so it can tell a story—from its sliver beginnings to bountiful bright light, astrologers can trace themes that will wrap up during this portion of your life.

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What’s the best way to start putting astrology into practice? Track your lunations! Note meaningful events or shifts in your life and learn to recognize the patterns, and what was occurring in the cosmos at that very moment. This is a wonderful way to predict what will unfold in the future for the astro-curious. 

Each full moon is representative of themes related to the zodiac sign that the lunation is occurring in. It’s not enough to just know that a full moon in Taurus is coming—not all Taurus full moons are equal, nor do they all manifest the same. With Astrology+’s Full Moon Reading, members gain additional insight into the energy at play, not only on a personal level, but a global level, as well.

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Use the advice from the Full Moon Reading and treat it as a monthly cosmic reset. Release what no longer serves you, as you prepare for the month ahead!

Image by Danielle Noel

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