Mercury Retrograde Is Here—Fill Out Your Ballot Early with Zodiac the Vote!

October 13, 2020

If Mercury retrograde inserting itself into our personal lives wasn’t enough—the drama is just about to begin, and it’s fair to say that this time around it’s much larger than accidentally texting an ex. Mercury retrograde kicks off on October 13 in mysterious Scorpio, a zodiac sign known for its intensity, dedication, and ability to plunge into the depths and research like no other. Mercury stations direct on Election Day, November 3, and its side effects will still be lingering and in effect.

While this retrograde energy is quite beneficial for research—it will be important to remember to do your due diligence when reading up on issues and topics that appear on the ballot. Mercury retrograde is known for amplifying miscommunication, and the spread of misinformation can also crop up. Voting early is the best option to combat some of the planetary-fueled tension, and Zodiac the Vote, a site created by renowned astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo and political consultant Lindsay Scola offers countless resources to help make that happen!

Zodiac the Vote maps out voters’ most burning questions and links directly to credible resources to register to vote, check your registration, register to vote from home, and more. Mercury also rules the post office, and so voting by mail is likely to be affected during this retrograde period. The site offers FAQs on how to vote by mail, the best way to vote by mail, how to know when you should return your ballot, and more. For the astro-loving out there, it’s the best resource for weaving in the current astro energy while making the voting process accessible and easy to digest.

From a bevy of well-known astrologers reporting updates on the cosmos to merchandise that screams “I must take a selfie of this immediately” (maybe that’s my Leo sun speaking)—Zodiac the Vote aims to pair basic voting information with astrology to inspire civic engagement.  A Mercury Retrograde Voting Survival Guide outlines a voting plan, tips on how to throw a ballot party (we’re looking at you, fire and air signs), a voting from home checklist, and more tips and tools for counteracting some of this retrograde’s powerful cosmic influence this voting season.

We’ll need all the tips and tricks available, as this season we’re also grappling with a particularly fierce Mars retrograde in its domicile of Aries, and a series of cardinal-sign squares from planets traversing through Libra to the Cap stack—Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all spending time in Capricorn very close to one another in the sky. Tension is unavoidable, but a little preparation is possible. Read up on the latest astrological influence from Mecca Woods’ Jupiter in Capricorn article to Diana Rose’s article on Saturn and responsibility.
But most importantly, there’s a lot at stake: register and vote!

Image by Danielle Noel

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