As January’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Rises in the Sky, It’s Time to Let Go

January 9, 2020

At 11:21 a.m. on December 10, 2020, the full moon solar eclipse will be in Cancer.

As the first full moon of the new year, it is the perfect time for releasing emotions, attachments, and anything else in our lives that needs clearing out.

Cancer rules our ties to family, home, childhood, cultural traditions… everything that makes us feel emotionally safe and secure. But under its influence, we often hold on too long to things, people, or situations that connect us to the past—even when we know they’re no longer nourishing for us.

What does this full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer mean?

At this eclipse, the sentimental Cancer moon is opposed by a pragmatic sun/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn. We’re challenged to look at these situations realistically and make decisions about them without letting emotions override our better judgment. That’s not to say we should repress our feelings, just that we may need to compartmentalize them a little.

After all, it’s not always safe, appropriate, or even advisable to express our emotions. This eclipse encourages us to let them flow, but only at the right time, place, context, and company. With the sun and Mercury also conjunct Ceres (whose “earth mama” energy takes on more of a tough-love tone in Capricorn), the most nurturing thing we can do for ourselves and others right now is to establish more solid ground rules and boundaries.

That’s where Saturn and Pluto come in! Their long-awaited conjunction finally becomes exact on January 12, just two days after this eclipse. And as they begin a new 30-year cycle, we’re tasked with restructuring our lives in a way that’s more supportive and sustainable—both for our current reality, and the one we’re evolving into. Before we can do that, though, we may still have a few messes to clean up from the past. Be patient with yourself and others, as this is a long-term process.
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Fortunately, with Jupiter also in Capricorn, we’re blessed with the patience, diligence, and discipline to stick with it. But Jupiter’s conjunction with the south node can also turn up the volume on some of the sign’s less helpful traits, like being overly demanding, critical, or punishing toward ourselves and others. With so much Capricorn energy dominating the sky right now, we’ll want to make sure we’re using it constructively—to contain and support our sensitive sides, not judge and suppress them.

Anyway, with Uranus stationing direct on the same day as this eclipse, we won’t be taking any crap from bullying authority figures (ourselves included). The rebellious planet has been retrograde in Taurus since August of 2019, strengthening our resolve to be true to ourselves and finally make the long-overdue changes we know need to be made. Now that he’s moving direct again, it’s time to get out of our own way and get down to business.
Read on for your sun sign, rising, and moon sign to learn more about the energies of this eclipse.

Horoscopes for January’s full moon solar eclipse in Cancer


Don’t take it personally? Cancer, that may be easier said than done! Loved ones are dishing out a lot of “tough love” and “constructive criticism” around this eclipse—and some of it might hit a little too close to home. Before you react, though, at least try to hear them out.


With responsibilities piling up, the idea of enjoying some downtime probably seems like an impossible dream right now. But Leo, your first responsibility is taking care of your own health and well-being. Give yourself permission to rest and recharge a bit, and the rest will take care of itself.


The past dictates the future—or does it, Virgo? In reality, it’s what we do in the present that determines how our future will look. Don’t just keep reliving the past and doing what you’ve always done… unless you’re hoping for more of the same.


Work/life balance: Libra, the struggle is real! No matter how much you’re killing it in one area, you may worry you’re dropping the ball in the other. Relieve some of the tension by asking for the help you need to succeed. Remember: When you win, your loved ones do too.


It’s a whole new world, Scorpio—so why keep looking at it in the same old way? The consciousness you bring to your interactions with the world determines how much you’ll learn and grow from them. Exert some mental discipline to reserve your judgments and keep an open mind.


It’s all on the table, Sag: This eclipse is bringing up some of life’s touchiest topics for you, with money and power likely at the top of the list. Bolster your sense of security, self-esteem, and self-worth by helping someone else in need—and reminding yourself there’s plenty to go around.


You do your best to be supportive, Capricorn. But as loved ones deal with emotional challenges, your genuine care and concern are more likely to come out as tough love and hard advice than tea and sympathy. Can you be present for them in the way they need you to be?


Family comes first, Aquarius—and for you, that means your whole human family. But your devotion to serving others shouldn’t come at the expense of your own health and well-being. This eclipse challenges you to radically rethink where you draw the line between public responsibility and private life.


Express yourself, Pisces! This eclipse’s emotional energy is crying out for a creative outlet. But your inner artist child may be shy about coming out to play. Don’t let fears about fitting in stop you from letting your freak flag fly—do your thing, and your vibe will attract your tribe.


At the end of the day, Aries, we all need to kick back, relax, and unwind. But right now, downtime may feel like a luxury you can’t afford. Still, at this eclipse your time and energy are precious commodities—so handle them with care!


It’s all coming back to you, Taurus: This nostalgic eclipse finds you reliving—and maybe even living in—the past. Still, you can’t deny those days are gone. And anyway, even if you could go back to the way things were, it would be as a totally different person.


Feeling insecure, Gemini? A quick inventory of your personal assets—both material and immaterial—should prove you have very little to worry about. Sure, money, power, and status have their advantages. But at the end of the day, they’re just no substitute for your own sense of self-worth.

Art by Amanda Lynn