Jupiter Sextile Neptune: Discovering Treasures of Inspiration

July 26, 2020

Jupiter in Capricorn will form a sextile with Neptune in Pisces that will be exact three times throughout 2020 (February 20, July 27, and October 11); and it’s one of the most positive and change-inducing astrological aspects of the whole year.

The astrology of 2020 involves numerous transits corresponding with volatility and massive shifts within collective events, such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all coming to an ending and beginning of cycles with one another. While societal structures break down within the collective, Jupiter and Neptune’s relationship can inspire imaginative ideas for coalescing new growth from whatever dissolution and shedding we have been experiencing in our personal life.

This sextile aspect formed between Jupiter in Capricorn with Neptune in Pisces can help facilitate a realignment of vision to be more congruent with the changes that have been taking shape in the past year. The gift brought by Jupiter in sextile with Neptune is an increased awareness of old beliefs we need to release that have been getting in the way of more deeply understanding our circumstances.

It is common for people to become culturally conditioned to doing or thinking certain things in order to fit in with however the surrounding culture defines success. Since the astrology of 2020 indicates we are collectively coming to an end of an old era, as consensus values regenerate in accordance, we will be asked in our personal lives to leave old ways behind that are rooted in outdated paradigms. It will be important to pay attention to whenever you feel disillusionment and use it as a guide in making deeper contact with your personal truth, reorienting your beliefs so you can more effectively navigate the way forward.

Jupiter sextile Neptune 2020 dates & meaning

Significantly, the sextile between Jupiter and Neptune is one of the major, long-term transits of 2020 and not a temporary transit that will end after Jupiter and Neptune complete the sextile at eighteen degrees of Capricorn and Pisces on February 20. There will be two more exact sextile aspects between Jupiter and Neptune during 2020, with the subsequent one occurring on July 27 at twenty-one degrees, and the final one occurring on October 11 at nineteen degrees of Capricorn and Pisces. This means we are only at the beginning of the story Jupiter and Neptune will be telling together in 2020, a narrative that we will not be able to fully understand until October.

It’s important to note that a lack of clarity is bound to be felt around the Jupiter-Neptune link because together, they have less to do with concrete matters and more to do with our unseen inner world, connecting us with our imagination and spirituality in ways that reveal the interconnectedness of our underlying reality. Furthermore, Neptune can bring an influence of excessive idealization and self-deception toward Jupiter’s interest in expansion and growth that requires mindful discernment. We can picture Neptune and Jupiter involved in an extended slow dance this year that will meander and pull us under the waves of imaginal undulations at times. As the waves recede, we can discover treasures that have washed up on the shore of our conscious mind that provide needed help and inspiration.

Making things more complicated, Pluto is also strongly involved in the relationship between Jupiter and Neptune during 2020, as Jupiter will be moving back and forth between forming a conjunction with Pluto and sextile with Neptune. While Pluto’s influence on Jupiter will demand descent into inner depths to retrieve core desires for guidance, Jupiter’s placement in Capricorn means we need to create through contraction and contending with constraints. We will need to maintain the balance of sometimes resting and recovering from collective storms within the imaginal waters of Neptune, while at other times drawing from the empowerment of Jupiter and Pluto to climb across boundaries and participate in manifesting the change we wish to see happen in the world.

Art by Olivia M. Healy