Our Libra Season Pandora Playlist—Here Comes Fall

September 19, 2020

Chunky sweaters and knee-high boots weren’t just made for fall—that seasonal staple was made for Libras! As one of the most stylish signs in the zodiac, Libra’s energy reminds us to prioritize our aesthetics. Our tastes matter, and there’s no better way to kick-off a fresh season than with Libra’s creative, cardinal sign energy. We’ve partnered with Pandora and created a Libra Season playlist that is guaranteed to bring aesthetically pleasing hits to your ears!

While Libras are certainly known for their high-end taste and spot-on outfit selections, it would be remiss to not mention Libra’s deep, burning desire for love. Lean into your feels and tap into your romantic side with Usher’s power-ballad “My Boo.” Find the beauty in all that surrounds you thanks to Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers.” Classic Libra Cardi B knows that the Libran lifestyle requires a robust bank account. Get your finances in order so you can level-up your wardrobe when you listen to “Money.

All Libras know that there cannot be love without peace. Unwind on the weekend as you throw on the ultimate Libra theme song: the Beatles’ “Imagine.” Make sure you carve out time for having fun and reviving your inner social buttery (even if it’s via Zoom!), as Libras’ charm often has them showing up as the life of the party! Set the mood for a virtual happy hour with T-Pain’s “But U A Drank,” or Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.

The fun doesn’t have to end with summer, in fact, with Libra season, it’s just getting started! Use our Libra season playlist to inspire your inner creative, and maybe do a little online shopping along the way, too.

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