Use the New Moon in Libra to Enhance Your Relationships With This Love Totem

September 24, 2019

When the new moon enters Libra on September 28, personal relationships move to the forefront of our minds. You’ll feel a desire to bring more balance to your life, both individually and as part of a couple. That means we’ll be looking to make positive changes, boosting relationships that may be feeling stale, or seeking out a new partnership that could be the stuff of fantasies.

This love totem is designed to hang outside like a flag, encouraging either a new relationship or better dynamics in a current one.

How does your moon sign affect you?

  • An 8×10 rectangle of red fabric, to represent passion
  • A 6×6 square of white fabric, to represent sincerity
  • Heavy-duty glue or a needle and red thread
  • A permanent marker, either red or black
  • Rose essential oil, to represent love
  • White string or yarn

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  • Cut a heart out of the white fabric.
  • Center your heart on the red rectangle and either glue it down or sew it on with the red thread using a top seam, so the red shows along the inside edge of the heart. If you’re using glue, let it dry completely before you continue.
  • With the permanent marker, draw an ankh in the middle of the heart. An ankh symbolizes life, immortality, and fertility. While drawing, imagine a life full of happiness with a person that you love. Picture the two of you sharing a home, going on dates, and enjoying time together. Continue visualizing this until you feel your intention has filled the flag.

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  • Put a drop or two of rose essential oil on the corners of the flag or around the perimeter of the heart.
  • Decorate the remainder of the flag as you see fit or leave as is.
  • Thread the white string or yarn through the flag and hang it outside but away from the elements until the full moon looms. You can also hang it in a window; anywhere the light from the growing moon will wash over it works.

Happy new moon!

Art by I.B. Visuals