Your Libra Season Tarot Pull Will Help You Change the Channel on Negative Thoughts

September 19, 2019

As the sun shifts into Libra, spirits to bring an encompassing message for all signs to ponder. It may become difficult to get out of our heads filled with worrisome thoughts—but our guide whisper: “Change the channel.” Picture your thoughts as a television, and dial into a different channel when caught up in detrimental thinking.

Our mind can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy. It is a tool, and we have to learn to shift our thinking when it is not serving us. The idea of changing the channel in our heads works surprisingly well; the key is to tune it into something that does not trigger you. If you are burdened with thoughts of fear—perhaps you have a big interview coming up, or you’re paranoid because of what others may think of you—change the channel to something completely out of left field, like ice cream, or a flower, or your favorite childhood cartoon. This brings you back to a place of neutrality.

Your Tarotscopes below will help you tune into what your soul needs to focus on or address during this Libra season. Read with your sun, moon, and rising signs in mind.

What do the stars have in store for you this month?


Page of Swords and Ace of Cups

Dear Aries, this Libra season embark on a journey of self-exploration. What makes you happy?

The Page of Swords is the seeker of knowledge. This page wants to know who, where, what, and why; they embark on their studies with a sense of childlike curiosity. The Ace of Cups is the beginning of an emotionally fulfilling relationship or situation. It signals an open heart that is ready to give and receive.

Know yourself. Know what makes you angry, what makes you depressed, what doesn’t fill your cup. But most importantly, know what makes you sing, what makes you smile, what makes you feel happy to be alive. Those who seek knowledge are more often than not looking outside of themselves. There is so much to learn out there, but there is also so much to learn within yourself. What brings you joy? Who brings you joy? Surround yourself with people, places, and things that raise your frequency and open your heart. Just as you ask a loved one or romantic partner what they love to do, to eat, where they love to go—do that for yourself.


3 of Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles

Dear Taurus, this Libra season, find colleagues who bring something different to the table—and have the humility to admit that you don’t know all there is to know.

The 3 of Pentacles is the card of teamwork and cooperation. It calls to a situation where three heads are better than one. The Ace of Pentacles heralds the new beginning of a wonderful job, an exciting project, or a venture that promises material success.

You don’t have to go it alone; connect with skilled and talented friends to help you get a project off the ground. Recruit trustworthy coworkers who can assist you with that daunting presentation. It is important to know when you can accomplish something on your own, and when you need to set aside your pride and ego and ask for help. Creating with others makes you better. You learn from them, and they learn from you. Different perspectives are offered, and different solutions to various problems are presented. What do you care about most? The best possible outcome? Or receiving all the praise and glory? Surrender vanity, participate in the collaborative process, and witness the new seeds that grow from exchanging ideas.
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5 of Wands and 2 of Pentacles

Dear Gemini, this Libra season, carefully decide which battles are worth fighting, and which battles you should walk away from.

The 5 of Wands depicts conflict and opposition. It is not positive or negative—it all depends on how you view competition. The 2 of Pentacles shows a figure juggling two coins, trying to retain balance and keep things afloat.

In our busy day-to-days, we could all stand to lose a few responsibilities and challenges. The question is, which ones? That is up to you. Understand that you don’t have to win every argument, you don’t have to close every client, and you don’t have to engage in every difficult situation. You can let some things go. Is that driver that cut you off in traffic really worth the stress hormones you will create when you yell at them and flip them off? Probably not. Now, that coworker who is not pulling their weight but taking all the credit, is it worth confronting them and letting them know that this is not cool? Likely, yes. Your energy is precious—spend it in the right places.


Queen of Swords and 9 of Pentacles

Dear Cancer, this Libra season, do not feel guilty about taking time out to care for yourself, to be a bit frivolous, and to enjoy what you worked so hard to receive.

The Queen of Swords reminds me of that friend who will defend you until death. It reminds me of someone who fights the good fight, who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is, and who protects those they love with ferocity. The 9 of Pentacles is the card of luxury, healthy indulgence, and well-deserved pleasure.

Cancer, you spend so much time holding space for others, caring for others—do not forget to care for yourself. Do not be afraid to splurge on you. Get that massage, drink the good wine you’ve been saving for guests, buy that shoe that you may only wear once a month but makes you feel fabulous. Do not let others make you feel guilty, and do not make yourself feel guilty. The Queen of Swords wants you to take this seriously, to act like your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being depend on it—because it does. When you do something for yourself, you practice self-love. You are allowed to cancel on a friend, to spend money on yourself instead of your other responsibilities, it is time to rethink the word “selfish.”



Ace of Wands and The Emperor

Dear Leo, this Libra season, it’s time to think big, to shine your light—to be seen, heard, felt, and noticed.

The Ace of Wands is the spark of inspiration. Something has called you to action, energized you, and lit your heart on fire. The Emperor embodies the divine masculine—it is movement, empowerment, self-actualization, and purpose.

Uncover any fears you have about success. Are you scared of how powerful you can truly be? Are you scared of leading others, of speaking your truth, of showing the world what you have to offer? Do the inner work to reveal the parts of yourself that play it safe out of self-doubt. You are doing yourself a disservice by holding yourself back. You have something important to share, and people need to know what it is. Let the Ace of Wands guide you in the direction of your soul’s path, run toward what excites you, keep the fire burning. Let The Emperor guide you in stepping into your power, in helping you realize that you came to this world for a reason and that you deserve to take up space.


The Empress and 5 of Swords

Dear Virgo, this Libra season find beauty and grace even in the most trying times, for those too have their gifts.

The Empress embodies the divine feminine. The Empress is nature, sensuality, fertility, and ripeness. The 5 of Swords shows a man, victorious, as two figures walk past in defeat. There is a sense of being taken advantage of, of a clear winner and a clear loser.

If you lose a battle, if you are thrown under the bus, or betrayed by someone you trust, it is so difficult to find the positive or the blessing in this situation. However, as time passes and your wounds heal, you may come to understand why it happened. Think of the failures of people we admire in real life, and in books or movies. More often than not, the moments of defeat lead us to finding our true strength in coming to know our true potential. When in doubt, The Empress asks you to look to nature—to the seasons of change, nothing ever stays the same. There is a time to retreat, and a time to rise. She asks you to seek the beauty that comes from the darkest of places; the lotus flower that ascends from the darkness of muddy waters, the diamond that is formed in the harshest of circumstances. Defeat is never the end—it is a bump in the road on the journey to self-fulfillment.
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King of Cups and 6 of Cups

Dear Libra, Happy Birthday! During your birth season, you are being called to focus on the good—on peace and on love.

The King of Cups represents the power of fire with the serenity of water. It brings to mind a person who sees strength in vulnerability, who feels powerful because they know who they are, and can connect with others on a deeper level. The 6 of Cups shows two children exchanging flowers on a beautiful day with blue skies. It is the card of sweetness and goodwill.

There is so much darkness, pain, and turbulence, and it is so easy to get caught up in all of this when we are being bombarded by social media and 24/7 news outlets. There is a difference between being informed and drowning in negative current events. The King of Cups and the 6 of Cups ask you to understand the importance of kindness, in sharing not just what is wrong with our world, but also what is right. Yes, there are things that need to change, things we must fight for. But they’re also things we can celebrate, things we can find joy in, goodness we must acknowledge, blessings we must pay forward. Take action—if you feel that there is too much negativity, do something, even something small, to raise the collective frequency and spread love.
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The Star and The World

Dear Scorpio, this Libra season you are closing a chapter on your personal healing journey and are ready for the next page in your book.

The Star is the card of hope, a reminder that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It brings healing, faith, and peace of mind. The World signifies fulfillment, returning to wholeness, contentment, and completion.

We are always changing, growing, learning, evolving. There is no end to this journey we call life, for even after physical death, we continue on. However, there are certain moments that feel like an ending. The Star and The World come upon us to let us know that this is that moment. It is not a sad ending, but rather a hopeful one. You may have finally healed a trauma and mastered the lessons associated with those wounds. You may have come as far as you can, or want to go, in your career, and are excited to take on a new industry. You may have decided to leave your hometown, to explore a new way of life and expand your horizon. Whatever the ending, there is a feeling of gratitude, and serenity; a willingness to let go, and to gently move along your soul’s journey.


Queen of Cups and The Wheel of Fortune

Dear Sagittarius, this Libra season, tap into your innate sensitivity and intuition to navigate your path toward success and positive change.

The Queen of Cups is usually known as the nurturer and the empath, but she is also highly psychic and spiritual. The Wheel of Fortune speaks to twists of fate, the tides turning in your favor, and forward movement.

We live in a world where we were taught to do, to act, to make things happen. It is important to have drive and perseverance, but it also important to meditate, to connect with Spirit, to download divine inspiration. When we work inwardly, as much as we do outwardly, we have a broader perspective, we access a deeper well of information and guidance, we help form our energy and our future instead of being subject to it. The Queen of Cups may seem introverted and subdued, but only because she works in silence, she manifests in the subconscious. She works with universal energy, with The Wheel of Fortune, to generate her desired outcomes. Follow her lead—consciously manifest, and then be in the receptive mode to follow the breadcrumbs and act on the synchronicities.


Queen of Pentacles and The High Priestess

Dear Capricorn, this Libra season, seek sustenance and comfort in that which you can’t physically sense.

The Queen of Pentacles offers sanctuary, nourishment, and support. The High Priestess is the gatekeeper to the world of Spirit and the unconscious.

There is more to this existence than we can see. People are not just flesh and bones, they are energy, they are a soul living in a human body. Animals are not just wild, feral creatures, they play important roles in the natural world, and acts as spiritual teachers. If you find it difficult to love the person in front of you, try and love the soul behind that person, the soul that came here to learn lessons, just like you. When you feel hopeless, find hope and comfort in knowing that there are angels, spirit guides, and ancestors watching over you. When you need to feed your soul, look to the ascended masters that experienced what it meant to be human, to falter, to feel pain, to feel joy, to feel love.
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The Magician and The Sun

Dear Aquarius, this Libra season, you have the resources to realize your full potential and to create the joy you seek.

The Magician is the master of manifestation. This person is resourceful, using mind, body, heart, and spirit simultaneously to achieve their goals. The Sun is the card of brilliance, warmth, and vitality.

What are you waiting for? All signs point to yes. The Magician claims that you have everything you need to reach the top. If you are determined, if you believe in your own ability, and the ability of Spirit and the universe to support you, you are halfway there. You know the importance of having the right mindset, the right energy. You know that frequency and alignment is everything. If it doesn’t excite you, it is not the right path. The Sun rides in to remind you to find joy along the way. Seek success and happiness in every step, and more of that energy will return to you. When you create the blueprint, celebrate that. When you think of the big idea, celebrate that. When you get out of bed in the morning, with the intention to do your best that day, celebrate that.


Knight of Pentacles and 9 of Swords

Dear Pisces, this Libra season take it easy, take it slow, and really pay attention to what is truly going on in your thought pattern.

The Knight of Pentacles is the only knight that is standing still. He is not riding into action, he is taking his time and paying careful attention to every detail. The 9 of Swords is the card of self-induced pain. It is a reminder that most of the suffering we experience is caused by our mindset.

When we bury ourselves in negative thoughts, it’s so easy to keep piling it on. It almost feels comfortable because the pain and victimhood become so familiar. We have to catch ourselves. We have to slow way down, stop, and reassess. The Knight of Pentacles encourages you to pause and look at the truths, instead of listening to the voices in your head. You may be worrying about something that may or may not go wrong, but most of the time it is about the future—and you have no power over that at this moment. When things become overwhelming, keep it simple and be methodical. List easy things you can be grateful for: a roof over your head, a number of trusted friends, food to eat in the morning. Get into your body, do yoga, practice a breathing exercise. It is important to shift our perspective, whatever method you decide upon, as soon as we find ourselves spiraling, because over worrying never helped anyone.

Art by Emma Rodriguez