Five Witchy Rituals to Welcome the New Year

January 1, 2019

2018 was a year of transformation, with each planetary aspect pushing us closer to alignment with our higher purpose. Jupiter traveled through Scorpio, expanding our ability to dive deep into our psyches; Saturn was just getting warmed up on his journey through Capricorn, encouraging us to be more disciplined, responsible, and strategic about our lives; and we spent the summer with six planets in retrograde—all at the same time. Finally, Venus went retrograde which, for many, meant relational struggles.

So, if you’ve been looking forward to 2019 for months now, you’re not alone.  Twelve months without any romantic retrogrades—and a new moon to kick it all off—is one magnificent respite. If 2018 was a year of lessons learned, 2019 is a time of integration, and of fully embracing your own magic. Making your own magic is as simple as setting goals, tapping into the guidance and energy of the Universe, and then following its path of cues and synchronicities in the direction of your desires. It’s about being open, centered, and focused.
If you’re ready to welcome the New Year with reinvigorated energy, these five witchy rituals will serve as an initial spark.

Cleanse and Clear

Letting go of 2018’s turmoil is bound to be a tough feat, but staying stuck in the past does nothing to increase your inner light—all it does is breed more darkness. The time is right to let go of any emotions, beliefs, and energies that are holding you back. All it takes is three simple steps: clean, write, and release.

To begin, physically clean your body, and then your space. Get rid of the clutter; let go of anything that you don’t regularly use. The Universe loves to upgrade what you gave away. Next, make a list of anything you want to release into the Universe’s care, and don’t judge what comes up. If any feelings, patterns, habits, or even relationships feel unaligned with what you want to create in the coming year, write them down. Finally, break out the sage, Palo Santo, lavender, sweetgrass, frankincense, or whatever you favor for a smoky cleanse. Allow the smoke to swirl through your home, all while telling the Universe that you’re ready to release what no longer serves you.

Look Ahead

If you don’t know your destination, any route could be the right one. While the prospect of endless possibilities can seem entirely positive, offering the Universe some clarity—or at least some clues—can only help you on your journey. In short, the more concise and clear the vision, the more likely the manifestation. So why not take a visual test-drive down future roads with a vision board? Grab a plywood square or a piece of poster board and gather up any magazines or books that are ready to be repurposed. Cut out anything that fits into your internal imaginings for 2019 (no matter how vague) and collage the fragments onto your board, bringing your daydreams into the physical realm. Place the finished product somewhere where it can serve as a reminder of what you want and what’s to come—and be sure to temper all that planning with a sprinkle of advance gratitude.

Light Your Fire

If you want to set your intentional practices on fire, simply light a candle. Candle magic is a means of connecting the gratitude and happiness that you want to feel in the future to the intentions you’re setting today. Hold your candle in both hands and speak your intentions out loud, allowing yourself to experience a wash of the happiness and gratitude that the New Year will bring. Once you feel that your heart chakra is appropriately lit, light your candle in turn.

Build a Sacred Space

Your candle needs a place of honor, so why not go big and create a manifestation altar? This is a sacred vignette built to sit, stand, or kneel in front of when you need to come back to yourself—it can live anywhere, from a tiny corner of your apartment to the top of a dresser. Clear whatever space feels right (and available) and assemble your most magical items: crystals, incense, mala beads, singing bowls, journals, or whatever tools you use to come back to yourself. Cleanse both the space and the items using your preferred sacred smoke, light a candle, and declare this place as safe and sacred. Throughout the year, make it a point to visit your altar whenever you need to confer with the Universe—or simply hold some space for you.

Embrace New Patterns

Draw from the power of sacred geometry by laying out crystal grid, more or less the act of placing special stones in a pattern that skews divine. An infinity sign is a great shape to start with (if you want a template, you can find a selection here). Select a focal crystal that matches your intention—to call in self-love, for example, rose quartz would be ideal; if you’re seeking abundance, opt for citrine. Place the selected stone at the center of your design, surrounding it with amplifying crystals, like clear quartz, each positioned to help create a symbol that is aligned and symmetrical. Next, use your forefinger to connect the crystals with an imaginary line. Finally, state your intention out loud.

You’re ready for whatever comes next. Allow these practices to aid in the creation of your own magic, transforming 2019 into a year to remember.

Image by McKinley Law via Unsplash