November's New Moon is About Materializing Your Deepest & Darkest Desires

November 15, 2020

On November 14, 2020 (9:07 PM Pacific Time), the new moon will be at 23°18’ of Scorpio.
“I desire.”

This simple phrase captures the essence of Scorpio—and of what gives this new moon its deep, unmatchable power. When the sun and moon align in the fixed water sign, we become fixated on our deepest heart’s desires and whatever we feel most passionately about. This charges our intentions with emotion, making them more likely to manifest in a month full of transformational potential. 

Scorpio also gives us the willpower and determination to follow through on those intentions. It empowers us to be resourceful with what we have, and attract the additional resources we need, in order to bring our visions to life. This new moon says, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

What Does the November New Moon in Scorpio Mean?

But with such potent energy at our disposal, we’ll want to work with it consciously. Scorpio often gets a bad rap for being ruthless, obsessive, or manipulative in pursuing its desires. And while this is usually undeserved, it’s still something to watch out for. Acknowledging these potentials within ourselves, and being mindful of our motives, can keep us from crossing over to the “dark side.”

Still, “dark” doesn’t always mean “bad.” With Pluto (lord of the underworld) as its ruling planet, facing and embracing the shadow is a key Scorpio theme. This new moon reminds us that death is a part of life—and destruction is sometimes part of creation.

With Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn traveling together in Capricorn, each of us has been experiencing the breakdown of certain systems and structures in our lives. This has revealed what’s no longer working for us, and freed up our energy to create new and better things. As the Scorpio new moon sextiles these planets, we see what has “died off” or been “recycled,” and what new life is ready to be born.

This may not be an easy process, though, as Venus in Libra squares off with the Capricorn planets. The challenge is to balance our personal desires and ambitions with the responsibilities of relationship, and the principles of love and justice.

Fortunately, the Scorpio moon’s loose conjunction with Juno (asteroid goddess of marriage, partnership, and commitments) reminds us of the promises we’ve made—to each other and to ourselves. True, it may be time to let some of these commitments go. But as Juno trines retrograde Neptune in Pisces, we can do so in loving, forgiving, and compassionate ways that serve each other’s highest good.

Communication is crucial—although, with Mercury in secretive Scorpio, we’ll want to keep some information to ourselves. At this new moon, it’s best to be selective about who we share our intentions with, and how much we reveal. Not only to protect our privacy, but to protect our creative visions and give them space and time to unfold.

After all, when Mercury opposes retrograde Uranus in Taurus on November 17, new inspiration can appear from an unexpected source—and change everything!

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about what this new moon means for you.

Horoscopes for the

November New Moon in Scorpio


New moon, new you! Scorpio, this lunar cycle is about redefining yourself—and restructuring your life—on your own terms. The past year has raised your self-awareness and renewed your sense of purpose. Now, the question is how you will embody these realizations in real time.


Spirituality starts within. But ideally, Sag, it doesn’t end there. For you, this lunar cycle is less about navel-gazing, and more about spiritual service. Along your path of personal transformation, you’ve cultivated many inner resources. How might you use these to help transform the world?


It’s all about trust, Capricorn. But at this new moon, you may be reevaluating which friends and associates actually belong in your circle of trust. After all you’ve done to hold yourself accountable and take personal responsibility this year, it’s fair to expect the same from them.


Who says you can’t change the world, Aquarius? With your radical uniqueness and authenticity, you make a transformative impact by simply showing up! But at this new moon, you can become an even more effective change agent. Put some extra thought into how you want to show up.


To boldly go where you’ve never been before—Pisces, that’s your mission at this new moon! But there’s no reason why you have to do it alone. As you shed your inhibitions and face your fears, look for others who are willing to take this journey with you.


Trust issues? If you’ve got them, Aries, you’re not alone. Fortunately, at this new moon, you have the opportunity to work them out. Whether you’re learning to trust others again, or working to rebuild a trust that you’ve broken, this can be a time of deep healing and transformation.


Ready for a relationship renaissance? Then Taurus, this is the new moon for you! You’ve been learning, growing, and evolving so much. And now lovers, friends, and family members seem to be catching up with you. Still, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of making some vital new connections.


Let’s cut to the chase, Gemini: By now, you know which habits are working for you and which ones aren’t. And this new moon empowers you to finally do something about it! Making those key lifestyle changes will increase your ability to survive and thrive.


Life is pretty intense these days, Cancer. But that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying simple pleasures. If anything, it makes it even more vital to do the things that make you happy. This new moon invites you to discover (or rediscover) what brings you joy.


Get your house in order, Leo! From decluttering to redecorating to making major renovations, this new moon inspires all kinds of home improvements. On a deeper level, though, it’s about creating sacred space. What energies are you welcoming in, and which ones are you clearing/keeping out?


The heart of the matter: Virgo, you have a knack for cutting straight down to it. But there are other uses for this perceptive power besides analyzing things to death. This new moon sharpens your focus on what gives you life—and what you want to bring to life.


Abundance, plenty, having enough… This year, Libra, you (and many others) have been redefining your relationship with these words. Now, this new moon invites you to reimagine your use of money and resources. How can your spending, saving, investing, and giving reflect your newfound values?

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