The Scorpio New Moon Helps You Surrender to Unstoppable Change

October 24, 2019

At 8:39 p.m. on October 27, 2019, the new moon will be at 4°25’ Scorpio.

The Sabian symbol for this new moon in Scorpio captures an essential truth about the fixed water sign: Though it’s the sign most associated with transformation, it often tries to resist change for as long as possible. But just like those pounding waves, Scorpio’s ruler Pluto—the planet of slow but unstoppable change—eventually wears us down. The changes are so tiny and incremental that we may not perceive them as they’re happening… but over time, they add up to total metamorphosis.

Scorpio’s lesson is to accept the inevitability of change and surrender to the process instead of resisting it. We learn to work with the ongoing cycles of death and rebirth by recognizing for ourselves what’s “dying off” in our lives and consciously choosing to let it go so new life can come in.

What Does This New Moon in Scorpio Mean?

Still, with this new moon opposing retrograde Uranus in Taurus, some changes may catch us off guard. Unexpected events can force us to make radical changes at a moment’s notice—especially changes in our own thinking. We’re challenged to stay awake in the present moment and respond to what is, not what was.

Fortunately, Scorpio’s penetrating perception helps us pierce through surface appearances to the essential, underlying reality. Mercury is currently slowing down in the late degrees of the sign, where he’ll align with Venus on October 30 and station retrograde on the thirty-first.

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As the mediator between our conscious and subconscious minds, Mercury retrogrades always have a kind of “journey-through-the-underworld” vibe. But that’s especially true when he’s navigating shadowy Scorpio territory, as he will be for most of the upcoming lunar cycle (October 31-November 20). Following his lead, we’ll be plumbing the depths of our own psyches and taking a fearless inventory of our thoughts, feelings, and desires. Attempts to communicate these to others may not go so smoothly, but right now, the more important thing is being honest with ourselves.

Also happening during this lunation is an exact square between Mars in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn. If life is feeling chaotic, we may try to impose our own idea of balance and order on the situation. But we don’t always get to make the rules—right now, our job is finding ways to work within them. Saturn tests our ability to stay gracious in the face of challenging circumstances.

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We’ll be seeing a lot of Saturn this month, as he approaches his conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Although it won’t be exact until January 12, 2020, the energy of this long-awaited aspect is very much in effect at this new moon—and its intensity will only keep building from here on out.

Together, these two heavy-hitting planets are teaching us to have a healthy respect for the forces in life that are beyond our ability to control, while also taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for the things we can. That’s how we truly empower ourselves… and how the real transformation happens.

Read on for your sun sign and rising signs to learn more about the energies of this new moon:


Horoscopes for the October New Moon in Scorpio


“Happily ever after,” Scorpio? You may have gotten your fairy tale ending, but somehow life still feels incomplete. It doesn’t necessarily mean something’s wrong—just that you’re ready to start writing the sequel! While some old storylines are being wrapped up, others will continue to develop in the next chapter.


The winds of change are blowing, Sag. And with some of your deepest fears and insecurities being stirred up, they’re threatening to huff and puff and blow your house down. Stand firm, and trust that whatever remains standing with you is built on solid ground.


Trade-offs are a fact of life, Capricorn. Choosing between seemingly incompatible desires or parts of ourselves is part of being a mature, responsible adult. But sometimes you get the chance to revisit the road not taken. At this new moon, reconnect with the “you” that’s radical, rebellious, and raw.


Get your game face on, Aquarius! An emotional situation may have you fired up or shaken to the core. But the more you can stay calm, cool, and collected, the more successfully you’ll get through it. Just remember: Being in control of your emotions doesn’t mean repressing them.


You can’t always choose what happens to you, Pisces. But one thing you can always choose is the way you perceive and interpret it. That gives you a great deal of power to shape your own life—and at this new moon, that’s a power you shouldn’t take lightly.


Give and take, Aries: It’s a delicate balance. But while you’re pretty good at taking what you want, receiving it can be a whole different thing. Receiving is more passive—and for you, that’s not a comfortable feeling. Lean into the discomfort and see what happens.


Evolve or die, Taurus. It’s a fact of life for individuals and relationships alike. And as much as it hurts to admit, a once life-giving connection is starting to feel more like dead weight. Is it the person that has to go, or just your old ways of relating to them?


Metamorphosis is hard work, Gemini. And with so much of your energy being consumed by this internal, invisible process, you may not have as much left for outward activity as you think you do. At this new moon, focus on the sacred within you and the things that truly give you life.


Peer pressure is real, Cancer—but not as real as the pressure you put on yourself. After all, if the crowd you’re running with is really your tribe, they’d never want you to sacrifice your own authentic self-expression for the sake of fitting in. And you shouldn’t, either.


It’s a crazy world out there, Leo! But when you’ve got your own house in order, it’s a lot easier to stay sane. This new moon challenges you to make lifestyle changes that will bring a greater sense of structure and stability in the face of all the chaos.


Life isn’t always fair, Virgo. But as hard as this can be to accept, obsessing over everything that’s wrong is unlikely to make things much better. Attachment to ideas about how life “should” be will only keep you from fully experiencing and enjoying it as it is.


Where are your dragons, Libra? At this new moon, it’s time to face your fears—and no one can slay these monsters but you! You may not believe you’ve got what it takes, but you can prove it to yourself by digging deep and stepping up.

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