Pluto in 7th House: Retrograde, Composite, Solar Return

June 7, 2022

Pluto placements bring power struggles and personal power. Here’s what Pluto in the 7th House means in your composite, progressed, and natal charts.

We asked astrologer Kim Woods to give us the details on how Pluto is affected when it’s in the partnership-oriented 7th House.

7th House Meaning

This is the part of your birth chart where marriage and long-lasting relationships take place. According to Woods, “It’s about those lasting relationships you have committed to being in seriously and closely for an unending amount of time. These relationships can be business-, romantic-, or soulmate-level friends.” 

This is the House that talks about any connection you have that lasts longer than a few years. People you become friends with or get into partnerships or relationships with while planets are transiting your 7th House are going to last a long time.

Pluto Meaning

Pluto is an intense planet that represents secrets and mystery. “Pluto holds the deepest aspects, the secret spaces, and the hidden motivations,” Woods says. 

But it doesn’t just represent illusive things, Pluto also symbolizes pain and hardship—the things that you have to overcome. “Pluto represents your greatest wounding—the one that typically comes up in childhood or when you’re young, because you want to give yourself the imprint of knowing and remembering so you can work through it.” 

Even though Pluto can be an intense planet, it resembles more than just self-progression and unveiling. Pluto is deep, and therefore, it wants you to love all of yourself. 

Pluto in 7th House

Pluto, the planet of death, power, and taboo themes, can be extremely powerful—especially when placed in the 7th House of long-term relationships. Any time Pluto and the 7th House interact, you can be sure relationships will get more intense and may even suffer from power imbalances, tension, or fighting. Whatever happens, it’s going to make your relationships impactful!


If you have Pluto in your natal chart, it can manifest as someone who only cares for extremely deep relationships—and yet, may be terrified of those relationships. “This means serious relationships are a sticking point as this person may only be able to have co-dependent relationships or be unable to commit,” explains Woods. “This person will want to do lots of deep work and healing in order to have a healthy committed relationship.

Not only that, but this person knows that relationships can healing, so they will have a low tolerance for surface-level commitments (even though they will often lack commitment).

Solar Return

A solar return represents the moment when the sun returns back to its original location in your birth chart (i.e. your birthday!). A solar return chart will identify the planets’ new placements, as they relate to the current location you’re in. 

According to Woods, “If you’ve moved into a location where Pluto is now in your 7th House, you’ve intentionally put partnership front and center in your life. You’re attracting serious, deep, and intense relationships into your orbit.”

She does advise that this shift is most important to recognize before you start dating.

Pluto Retrograde

Many people will have Pluto retrograde in their natal chart. And that’s because this planet takes decades to travel around the sun. But Woods notes that if you have this in your chart, you’re an extremely private person who doesn’t reveal themselves openly. You may tend to keep secrets, stay reserved, and keep a very close-knit group of friends. 


Seeing Pluto in the 7th House in a composite or synastry chart just means that the relationship has a naturally deep tone to it. “This relationship yearns for depth, intensity and serious exploration into ALL the ways of being in a long-term close partnership,” says Woods. “The couple wants to resolve any and all wounds in relationship and develop a truly interdependent relationship filled with wholeness for each person as well as the relationship itself.”


A progressed chart will pull up your natal chart as it is currently. It views the birth chart in respect to personal development. (We all change over time, right?) Ultimately, it discusses who we are right now and how we’ve grown since birth.

If your progressed Pluto turns retrograde, really brings forth the ideas of “endings” such as death, closure, and transformation.

If your progressed Pluto turns direct, it can represent restructuring or a time where you’re redefining who you are entirely.


Because Pluto takes 10 to 25 years to go through a House, this kind of transit brings a dim, long-lasting attention to the ways we approach relationships and serious commitments. 


What does Pluto in the 7th House in Scorpio mean?

Pluto rules Scorpio, so when Pluto travels through this sign, it becomes extremely prominent. In the 7th House, it indicates that we’re getting very serious about who we’re giving our trust and long-term loyalty to. During this time, we’re getting very calculated and we may not trust easily. However, once trust is gained, you’ll be extra willing to commit for life!

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