Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2023: Astrology, Meaning, & Horoscopes

November 30, 2022

In 2023, Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces on June 17, 2023, and stations direct on November 3, 2023.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2023: Pre & Post-Shadow Dates & Degrees

Saturn enters the pre-retrograde shadow on March 11, 2023 (at 0° Pisces 31′) at 3:05 pm PST.

Saturn turns retrograde on June 17, 2023 (at 7° Pisces 13′ Rx) at 10:27 am PST. 

Saturn stations direct on November 4, 2023 (at 0° Pisces 31’D) at 12:03 am PST.

Saturn leaves the post-retrograde zone on February 7, 2024 (at 7° Pisces 13′) at 7:00 am PST.

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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Meaning

Saturn in Pisces is known to have a hard time committing to a situation. The reason being is that Pisces is somewhat wishy-washy and doesn’t have structure because this zodiac sign represents water in its purest and rawest form.

When Saturn is retrograde in Pisces, it wants to create the structure that this sign lacks without pushing this water sign against its will. Therefore, we can expect to experience moments of certainty in which we feel aligned with our karmic destiny. 

This also signifies a happy time in which we may feel like we are on the right path. In the ancient practice of Tarot, Saturn in Pisces is represented by the 10 of Cups This means that there is a symbiotic element of joy, prosperity, protection, familial strength, abundance, and emotional energy that aligns with the correlating astrological elements.  

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Key Dates

  • Mars in Virgo opposes Saturn retrograde on July 20. At this time, we will be fighting against authority or even the patriarchy. No one will want to have their views repressed. In fact, everyone wants to speak their minds, without having any opposition to their views. Be careful under this transit, as it can encourage and increase frustrations with management, bosses, or authority figures at work. If you’re having issues at your job, you may be inclined to speak up now, which is inadvisable as it can lead to bigger issues. 
  • Mercury in Virgo opposes Saturn retrograde on August 1. This is a moment in which we may have conflicts with those we care about. Before we speak our minds, it’s important that we really listen to what others have to say. Not jumping or making snap assessments is important at this time, as everyone will be in the mood to make impulsive statements and argue.   
  • The Virgo sun opposes Saturn retrograde on August 27. This transit can influence our confidence. We could feel like the world has forgotten about us and that we are being ignored by those we care about. Remember, true power lies within ourselves, and this is a wake-up call to work on our self-esteem.   

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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Effects

-Most intense for: The mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be feeling this transit the most. These zodiac signs will be receiving a whammy, as Saturn is pushing them to be more serious and grow up.   

-Most challenging for: Due to Saturn being a social planet, Saturn’s retrograde transits affect everyone. It depends on whether the individual is ready to elevate their life and be responsible for their actions. During this moonwalk, it is key to remember that Saturn is a karmic planet that always collects its debts when people do shady or bad things.

-Most beneficial for: This transit will be beneficial for every zodiac sign. Contrary to popular belief, Saturn retrograde is a time in which we can commit to our plans and make necessary changes in our lives without having any hesitations. The retrograde lessens the austere elements of Saturn. 

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Horoscopes for Saturn Retrograde in Pisces


We all have parts of ourselves that we hide from others. You are a master at keeping at bay, even though there is something that you deeply desire to express. While you may not be spilling the tea, you are wanting to work on a lot of clandestine matters in your life that you’ve hidden from the world. Consider this a time in which you can heal all the past trauma in your life. If you are willing to work on situations that have caused you pain in the past, this retrograde will be extremely rewarding.


You may not have a huge group of friends, but that doesn’t mean that the people in your life aren’t amazing—because they are. Instead of looking for quantity, remember that quality is the most important aspect of having people in your life. The past few years have made you realize that you don’t have to be popular in order to feel special. As long as you have people who care about you, and are committed to your friendship, that is all that matters.


Having a stable career is extremely important to you. However, be aware that this retrograde could affect your relationship with upper management. You may find that they are lacking in structure, which could at times make you feel overwhelmed and lost in the shuffle. Although you may think it is bothersome to ask them for direction, remember that it is their job to guide you. Even if they are unable to help you at first, that doesn’t mean you should give up on seeking their wisdom.


You’re longing for wisdom and inspiration, which is leading you towards taking a class online or at the local college. Not only will you have an extreme amount of fun learning, but you will feel like your mind is expanding and blossoming. Once you finish it, it will be a tremendous achievement, and knowing that it is never too late for you to try new things will bring you a lot of comfort. As a creature of habit, this will get you out of your shell and help you to expand your horizons.


This is a wonderful time to consolidate all the debt that you have. Rather than letting your bills lapse another year, contact someone who can give you advice on how you can pay it off. You may find that the company is willing to strike a deal with you to help you resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. Doing so at this time can help eliminate a lot of the credit card debt that’s been holding space over your head and wallet for years.


Love is the one thing that is on your mind at this moment in time. Committing to your one and only has its challenges, but at the end of the day, you’ve been wanting to put your best foot forward and jump into the seat of love. The only caveat is that you should make sure that the other person is on the same page as you are. Lastly, don’t let your romantic blinders stand in the way of allowing you to see the reality of the situation.


Right now, you’re yearning for structure in your daily routine. The main reason is that it’s hard to implement a schedule when you have nothing to put on your calendar. All the free time that is on your plate is actually distracting you from maintaining rigidity. You may find that the problem lies in your work hours, which might be going against the regular 9-to-5 vibe. If that’s the case, you should try to align with regular work hours to be in tune with the status quo.


Although creation and art are on your mind, it can be hard to concentrate on one creative project at a time. If the end result is not creating at all, it’s a reminder that you should find inspiration in other places. Rather than banging your head against the wall trying to motivate yourself to make art, go outside for a walk and see if you can find your passion in nature. Pretty soon, the art will flow out of you with ease. Be easy on yourself and trust the process. 


Issues arise at the home front, allowing a lot of tense emotions in your family to come out. Most of the problems have been repressed for years and are finally making their way toward the light. Instead of holding grudges, and arguing with those you love, try talking in an effective way to work through these setbacks. Have honest and real conversations with an open mind and heart to heal the familial wounds and trauma in your life. This may even bring you closer together in the end.


You can be a little harsh with the words that you expressed to others. This is something that you are quite aware of, as some people have made it a point to tell you about your flaws in the past. If you’ve been wanting to take on a softer approach, keeping that in mind will help you relate better with others. It can be hard at first to project a kinder image, mostly because the words you say come off as crude because you act out of self-protection.


Your bank account is clearly depleted, causing you a lot of worry and anxiety about your future financial situation. Instead of worrying about what is to come, try to take action when it comes to making your personal situation better. If you need to take an extra job to make cash, then apply for a part-time gig that will benefit you. Even if the situation is temporary, it will give you a jump-start to get out of your current financial rut.


You are the hardest critic in your life, which is why it’s important to give yourself a break every once in a while. No one is perfect and you shouldn’t expect to live by such high expectations. The truth is that you are doing the best that you can right now. Yes, you have some flaws—but we all do. As long as you are living a life that is full of honesty, compassion, and positivity, then you should be able to find happiness and peace of mind.