Saturn in Pisces: Meaning, Return, Karma

June 25, 2022

People born with Saturn in Pisces take spirituality very seriously, as they use their faith to create structure in their lives.


Saturn can be a difficult planet. Known as the authority figure in astrology, Saturn isn’t afraid to show us a little discipline whenever we start to stray. Saturn has rings, representing the cycles of life—everything that happens to us comes back as a lesson. 

This is why Saturn is known as the master of karma. Saturn also represents maturity, structure, restrictions, and resilience. Saturn puts us through challenges to see how we can overcome them. 

When stern Saturn is in dreamy Pisces, it’s a pretty odd couple. Saturn creates a world through boundaries and rules, while Pisces creates their own reality. Ultimately, Saturn in Pisces lives by their own set of rules and morals that often go against tradition. However this can bring misunderstanding and solitude. 

Because Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, Saturn in Pisces represents the end of a long journey. We’ve reached our limit and now have to think about what to do now. As a collective, we’ll need to let go of any toxicity that is holding us back and forge our own way forward. This can come in the form of spirituality, healing, or destruction. Our karmic return will guide us down the path. 

People born with Saturn in Pisces usually have a front-row seat to how messy, ugly, and cruel can be. Because of this, they often turn their thoughts inward, building their own dreamland and finding refuge in their imagination. While many can be escapists, Saturn in Pisces is often highly idealistic, gifted with an abundance of compassion. They see what is wrong with the world and they believe they can help. Charitable and determined, they hope they can make the world a better place than when they found it. 

Saturn Return in Pisces 

It takes Saturn two and a half years for Saturn to move through one zodiac sign and 28 to 30 years to go through the zodiac wheel. When a planet moves back into the same sign and degree it was in the moment that someone was born, it’s called a return.

A return represents a new cycle and opportunities for personal growth. Our first Saturn return happens right before our 30th birthday, meaning we have some serious “adulting” to do.

Our second return happens before our 60th birthday, often known as the midlife crisis. Saturn returns are deeply intense but, ultimately, help us transition from one phase of life to another. 

Saturn will be entering Pisces on March 7, 2023 and will stay until May 24, 2025. This will be affecting those who were born between: 

  • March 23 to September 16, 1964
  • December 16, 1964 to March 3, 1967
  • May 21, 1993 to June 30, 1993
  • January 28, 1994 to April 7th, 1996

A Saturn return in Pisces is an emotionally intense experience as this will be a period of ending. The wounds that we have gained over the last three decades need to be healed. Many will start becoming more spiritual or even going into therapy. 

The themes of spiritual awakening and mental health that have been growing over the last few years will be in full bloom. We are all hitting our rock bottoms during this return, but this is not a bad thing. The dreamer in us will realize that a better world is possible and by the end of this return, we will have to tools to make our dreams a reality. 


Saturn in Pisces is a time of doing inner work. If we’re introspective, we will be rewarded with the discovery of our higher purpose. Saturn in Pisces also rewards compassion as they are often the healers. When we actively help others, we are becoming our best selves. The world is hard, but you can make it easier. 

Saturn in Pisces will give us plenty of sink-or-swim moments and our karmic tests come from how we can navigate the rough waters of emotional depth, including insecurities, escapism, and fears. How do we help others without drowning? What will our life preservers be? Don’t hold on too tightly to anything turning this period—it won’t help you. Instead, you’ll need to learn to ride the wave. 

In the Houses 

Knowing what house Saturn in Pisces will be in can help us understand what part of our lives it will effect the next two and a half years. Let’s look at Saturn in Pisces through in every House

1st House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the first House, you might finally understand your life purpose. During this time, you’ll discover what you’re meant to do in this life and start doing it. This is a period of new begins as you recreate yourself and your identity. 

2nd House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the second House, you may find that material things don’t satisfy you. You value ideas, dreams, and compassion. That spiritual wealth satisfies you, not going after money. 

3rd House

When Saturn in Pisces is in the third House, communication can have its limitations. While you’re more intuitive and creative with your ways of communicating, you may also be isolated, lonely, and misunderstood, as expressing yourself won’t be easy. Lots of time is spent thinking. 

4th House

When Saturn in Pisces is in the fourth House, home is your sanctuary. You may put in a lot of time and attention to creating your “dream home”. However, this can also make you a recluse, especially if you spend all your time there. 

5h House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the fifth House, it’s a pretty stressful time as it can be hard to find pleasure and creativity. This is a period of creative and mental blocks as our fears stand in the way of our enjoyment. This placement can also bring parenthood and children. 

6th House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the sixth House our inner perfectionist comes out, ruining our productivity. We have this idealized version of what we should be doing that when we don’t achieve it, we fall to pieces. We work to serve others, even when it hurts us. However, it’s a great time to adopt animals.  

7th House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the seventh House we are looking for our “better half”, though we might have unrealistic expectations of our “dream” partner. Or we might idealize our partner so much that we miss a lot of red flags. Needing to balance what we want in a relationship and what we need. Strong possibility of marriage. 

8th House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the eighth House this is a period of great transformation, especially as we move from one period to the next. More mature bonds can form, but make sure they don’t restrict you. May have to leave situations that are no longer working and let go of things you don’t need. 

9th House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the ninth House there’s a struggle between traditional higher education and learning intuitively. Finding your own ideas and beliefs through your own introspection as you break away from organized practices. Finding spiritual that works for you. 

10th House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the tenth House you’ll develop a reputation based on your imagination and creativity. Strong possibility of creating your dream job and doing the work that makes you fulfilled. This is a period of creative solutions and making dreams a reality. 

11th House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the eleventh House you can really feel the pain and suffering of your fellow human being. You may find yourself involved in humanitarian efforts and social causes trying to make a difference.

12th House 

When Saturn in Pisces is in the twelfth House it’s a time of isolation and healing. You may find yourself dealing with a lot of secrets as you try to sort yourself emotionally. Focus on healing yourself spiritually and emotionally to understand yourself better to finally move forward. Keep dreaming but remember to live. 


When does Saturn enter Pisces

Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7, 2023. 

How long do Saturn returns last? 

Saturn returns last for two and a half years. 

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