Saturn Return in Aquarius: Dates, Meaning, Lessons

June 26, 2022

Saturn is an outer planet in astrology that rules over discipline, structure, and boundaries. The sign and house Saturn is placed in can describe where each person may notice these themes arise, especially during the return of Saturn in their birth chart. 

Saturn Return Meaning

A Saturn return occurs when Saturn completes its trip through the zodiac, returning to the zodiac sign that it was in when you were born.

Because Saturn takes about two years to move through each sign, Saturn returns for every individual only occur once every 30 years or so. When this event takes place, it marks a period of maturity (the first Saturn return taking place right as you step into your thirties, the second one occurring as you move into your sixties, etc). The planet Saturn rules over time, wisdom, and boundaries, prompting many of these themes to become significant upon the return of Saturn to its natal position in your birth chart

In Aquarius

In this fixed, air sign, Saturn seeks to innovate outdated structures, rules, and boundaries. Here, Saturn is still interested in maintaining consistency but is more open to consider how doing things differently can prompt better results.

Aquarius is an unconventional sign, meaning that Saturn’s approach to structures will be somewhat untraditional, but still effective. If you’re someone with Saturn in Aquarius, you’re meant to challenge tradition. Some rules are meant to be broken, and that’s precisely what your Saturn return is all about.


Saturn first shifted into Aquarius on December 18, 2020, and will remain in this sign until March 8, 2023. 


Saturn in Aquarius is all about teaching us how to modify outdated systems, while still maintaining some form of boundary or structure. As a fixed, air sign, Aquarius is all about considering innovative ideas, while also keeping a sense of tradition in place.

For those who are currently experiencing their Saturn return in Aquarius (varying from ages 27-30), you’re likely used to challenging traditions, and now is the time where you’re potentially be called to commit to some long-term changes.

Saturn returns essentially mark the end of a 30-year-cycle in your life, while also setting you up for the next 30 years. Saturn returns can oftentimes lead to endings, embracing more responsibility, and setting new boundaries. All of these things will play a major role in how you experience the next 30 years, so be sure to pay close attention to what starts (or ends) in your life now.

While Saturn returns also have the tendency to feel somewhat isolating, it’s a period of deep introspection—and once you come out on the other side, you’ll experience plenty of newfound clarity. 

How to Find Your Saturn Return

In order to track your Saturn return, it’s important to know the zodiac sign Saturn is in in your birth chart. Once you’re able to identify the sign, compare it to where transiting Saturn currently is in the sky. For example, if Saturn is currently in Aquarius but your Saturn is in Pisces, your Saturn return won’t begin until Saturn shifts into Pisces on March 8, 2023.


How long does Saturn return last?

Saturn returns last about two years for every individual. 

How long does Saturn stay in a sign?

Saturn stays in each zodiac sign for about two years. During this two year period, Saturn will retrograde twice, and station direct twice—prolonging Saturn’s stay in the sign it’s placed in. Because Saturn stays in a sign for so long, the Saturn return lessons typically begin around 28 and end around 30. 

When is my Saturn return?

The moment Saturn moves into the zodiac sign your natal Saturn is placed in marks the beginning of your Saturn return, and once Saturn leaves the sign, your Saturn return has officially ended. 

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