Part of Fortune: Signs, Birth Chart, How to Find

March 30, 2022

The part of fortune in the birth chart shows innate talents and where a person feels most like themselves. Here’s what it means and how to find it.

Many people consider the part of fortune in our birth chart to be an indicator of where we’re most “lucky.” There’s some truth to that, but we discussed the matter with astrologer Lauren Ash to clear up all the confusion. 

What Is Part of Fortune?

The part of fortune is the exact spot where your sun, moon, and rising sign are in harmony with one another, explains Ash. For that reason, many assume that it’s the point that represents where we’re acting in our highest potential. 

According to Ash, the part of fortune actually most represents the core talent we possess that will take us to success. However, not everyone will reach their point of fortune potential. “It takes equal amounts of luck, attunement, and working toward a single goal to achieve this level of ego and soul alignment,” she says. “Your attitude toward achieving your goals can play just as big a factor in your success as the sign your Part of Fortune falls into.” 

To put it simply, the part of fortune shows you the qualities you need to embrace in order to achieve your goals. 


Named for the Roman goddess of money and good luck, Fortuna, the part of fortune looks like a wheel with an “X” in the middle of it.   

Meaning in Birth Chart

The part of fortune can indicate many amazing things coming your way! According to Ash, it can foretell major life changes or opportunities, such as a new job or relationship. She goes further to explain what the sign and House symbolize as well. 

“The zodiac sign and House where your Part of Fortune is positioned can show where you will find success and joy by integrating the qualities of your personality into your daily life,” she says. “The sign placement of the Part of Fortune and its relationship to your 10th House placements can show you your ideal career path or vocation.” 

On Ascendant

If the part of fortune makes a strong connection to your rising sign, it means that some people might call you “naturally lucky.” 

Aspecting Part of Fortune

This represents indicators of natural skills or career potential.

Ruling Planet of Part of Fortune Sign

The ruling planet of your part of fortune represents the energy with which you approach chasing your dreams. 

Planets or Points in the Same Sign as Part of Fortune

This indicates a role in achieving future success.

How to Find It in Your Birth Chart

Simply look for the part of fortune symbol in your birth chart. If you can’t find it, you can calculate it using Ash’s method. She says it depends on whether you have a daytime or nighttime chart: 

  • A Daytime Chart occurs when the Sun is above the horizon (occupying any house 7 to 12). For day charts, Ascendant + Moon – Sun
  • A Nighttime Chart occurs when the Sun is below the horizon (occupying any of the first six houses). For night charts, Ascendant + Sun – Moon.

In the Zodiac Signs

Here is what each part of fortune sign means, according to Ash:


A Part of Fortune in Aries means that the individual will find success when they embrace spontaneity, leadership, and their most authentic self. “They’ll need to learn to trust their instincts and ability to make their own decisions,” she says.


An individual with a part of fortune in Taurus will find success when they can build things (and talents) that last. “They are lovers of luxury and find their inner peace when they are able to live a slow, purposeful, and methodical lifestyle,” she says. 


A part of fortune in Gemini will favor someone who can openly communicate their ideas and embrace new and innovative conversations. 


With a part of fortune in Cancer, individuals will find success when they give themselves the same amount of emotional support, nurturing, and devotion that they do for others. 


A person with part of fortune in Leo will find success when they work in a career that allows them to be creative, entertain, and share their generosity with others. “Their confidence is a gift that can shine a light on the masses and they were born to share it center stage,” she says.


A part of fortune in Virgo will favor an individual who is recognized for their attention to detail. “They are experts at their craft,” says Ash, “and while they don’t desire leadership necessarily, they do require an environment where they are heard and valued as experts.”


An individual with a Libra part of fortune is most talented when they allow themselves to dive into their love of art. Ash advises living a slower, more balanced life so this person doesn’t overextend themselves. 


Part of fortune in Scorpio means that the “dark side” and intuitive efforts calls to this person. “Their ability to read people and situations will bring them both material wealth and emotional fulfillment,” Ash says. 


A Sagittarius part of fortune individual will find success when they are open-minded to new people, ideas, and places. In expanding their boundaries, they will be able to teach others and open new doors.


When you have a part of fortune in Capricorn, you may find the most success when you can work toward one goal over an extended period. “They find joy in taking an orderly, logical approach to achieving success and recognition from their peers,” says Ash. 


Part of fortune in Aquarius needs to freely express their ideas. This person will succeed as the rebel who embraces progressive and innovative approaches to old methods.


This person needs creative freedom to express their artistic mind. The Pisces part of fortune person will find the most success when they are tuned into their psychic talents or innate spiritual leadership. 

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