Big 6 Astrology: What It Is and How to Find Your Big 6

March 31, 2022

Your “Big 6”—or “Big 3″—in astrology relates to the most important planets in your natal chart: sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and your rising sign. 

In every birth chart, these planets, along with the rising sign, work together to describe your self-expression. Each of these celestial bodies has its own unique meaning and, paired with the zodiac signs, they each contribute to your astrological compass (AKA your birth chart) and provide insight into an array of your behaviors, all based on each planet’s significations. 

While the rising sign isn’t a planet, it’s placed in the sign that marks the beginning of your consciousness. The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, all represent different aspects of your life, personality and even how you interact with others, etc. 

Because these planets are the closest celestial bodies to Earth, they tend to affect us more than the outer planets do (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). The sun and moon are the “mom and dad” of the sky, working together to transmute light down to earth, and are the only planets that never station retrograde. 

Mercury, Venus, and Mars, however, station retrograde periodically and influence how we communicate, connect, and assert ourselves based on their direct or retrograde movement as well as the signs and houses they are placed in each of our birth charts. 

Here’s what your big 6 means in your birth chart: 

So how does the Big 6 manifest in your birth chart?

Sun Sign

The sun in your birth chart represents your ego and vitality. The sign it’s placed in can offer insight into how you aspire to outwardly express yourself. 

In a birth chart, the sun’s sign and House placement can speak to how you want to be known or acknowledged—it’s how you shine. As the light of our sky, the sun is the celestial body that illuminates every birth chart, bringing recognition and attention to wherever it’s placed. 

For example, if you’re a Libra sun, you’ll likely be known for your desire to unify and bring people together and your effortless ability to mediate and maintain balance and equilibrium. 

Moon Sign 

The moon in your birth chart represents how you seek emotional security and comfort, and the sign it’s placed in speaks to how you go about establishing a sense of emotional safety. 

As the nighttime luminary, the moon is oftentimes the part of the chart that isn’t always as apparent as the sun when it comes to self-expression—especially as the moon has no light of its own. The moon in your birth chart can also describe how you seek to be cared for as well as how you care for others. 

Luna tends to be symbolic of motherly figures, and you can oftentimes gain insight into your own relationship with maternal figures based on the sign and House your moon is placed in. Those who have their moon in Taurus, tend to seek emotional comfort through the material realm (think: clothes, food, and luxury items). 

Rising Sign 

Though your rising sign isn’t a celestial body, it marks the moment your soul entered your body, arguably making it the most significant part of a natal chart. 

Your rising sign displays the Zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. Earth never stops spinning, meaning the rising sign changes approximately every two hours, making it the most time-sensitive part of your chart (which is why it’s so important to have an accurate birth time). 

Because the rising sign describes the exact moment you became alive, and, well, you, it marks the beginning of your natal chart and is always contained in the First House. It offers insight into how you express yourself organically and is indicative of how other people might perceive you. 

Mercury Sign

Mercury is the planet of communication and the mind. The sign and House Mercury is placed in your birth chart describes how you speak and share your thoughts and ideas. 

The sign that Mercury is placed in also explains how you advocate for yourself and process information. Those with Mercury in Gemini are more likely to constantly share information as well as seek mental stimulation, whereas those with Mercury in Scorpio are a lot more likely to keep the information that they learn to themselves. 

Venus Sign

In a birth chart, Venus is the planet of love, connection, and intimacy. The sign that Venus is placed in describes how you express your desires and how you seek to establish pleasure in your life. The House that Venus is placed in can describe where you’re able to best unify and mediate as well as the area of life where you strive to maintain balance, unity, and harmony. 

Those with Venus in Sagittarius, for example, are looking for freedom and spontaneity in relationships, whereas someone with Venus in Cancer is looking for emotional security and comfort in their partners. 

Mars Sign 

Mars is the fiery planet of the cosmos, representing your drive, assertion, and how you express passion. The sign and house that Mars is placed in shows how you take action and approach new pursuits, as well as how you fight for what you want. 

For example, individuals with Mars in Aries are more likely to assert themselves straightforwardly and directly, whereas Mars in Taurus individuals are more likely to profess themselves in a slow, cautious manner. Where Mars sits in your chart can also describe your relationship with anger, and how you express it. 

How To Find Your Big 6 

If you’re eager to further understand how each of these planets appears in your own birth chart, you can enter your information and get a full, in-depth report here

Just remember: Your birth chart is meant to be used as a guide, but it doesn’t define you—it’s here to allow more insight and understanding into your natural behaviors and instincts. 

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