Your Aquarius Season Tarot Pull Lights Your Inner Fire

January 19, 2020

Dear readers, as the sun shifts into Aquarius in the new year, Spirit sends a message for all signs to ponder: “Do not wait for lightning to strike, for you to have the power to summon it from within.”

We have entered into a new decade, and this new year has pressed upon the fears and anxieties of those waiting for their life to begin. We are all feeling an urge to make the most of our time, to live authentically, to journey toward our soul’s true purpose. 

However, some are still waiting for a sign, a miraculous epiphany or divine intervention. You are the synchronicity you’ve been looking for. You must strike the match, light your inner fire, and fan the flames. If you feel confused about what to do or how to begin, follow your highest excitement, your inspirations, the things that bring you joy. You do not need to know every detail, you don’t need to have a fully-fledged plan, just take the first few steps.
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Your Tarotscopes below will help you tune into what your soul needs to focus on or address during this Aquarius season. Read for your sun, moon, and rising.



3 of Wands & The Hermit

Dear Aries, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to expand your horizons through self-reflection.
The 3 of Wands is the card of progress, action, and possibilities. The Hermit is the card of introspection and inner guidance.

When we think of expansion, we usually think of something external like financial success, educational achievements, or worldly travel. However, the Hermit asks you to focus within, to know yourself, to feel your spirit, to learn from your higher self and spirit guides, to attain wisdom and enlightenment. Make progress on your journey of healing and self-exploration. Take action through meditation, journaling, and spending powerful time in solitude. When you spend intimate time with yourself, when you begin to ask the important questions about who you are and what truly motivates you, what you want to achieve in this life, and how you want to serve the greater good, you will find that the possibilities are endless.    


Queen of Swords & 6 of Swords

Dear Taurus, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to honor your sacred boundaries.

The Queen of Swords is the powerful matriarch, she will protect those she loves with fierce determination. The 6 of Swords is the card of retreat, of sailing toward safe and peaceful shores.

The Queen of Swords empowers you to defend yourself. She declares that you do not have to spend time with people or places that do not nurture you or support you. No to energy vampires, no to narcissists, no to those who do not have your best interest in mind. To find inner peace, you must gather the strength and courage to cut away that which does not resonate with who you are. The 6 of Swords brings the promise of respite from difficult situations and difficult relationships. You will be ferried home; you will find your tribe.


Knight of Cups & Ace of Wands 

Dear Gemini, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to experience the magic of love and beauty.

The Knight of Cups is the romantic artist of the court cards. The Ace of Wands is the spark, the inspiration that lights a fire within.

What do you love? Who do you love? Let that love inspire you. Let that love move you. Creativity and love share similar frequencies, for love is a creative force. How does love drive you? Does your love of music inspire you to write songs, or compose rhythms? Does your love of helping heal and nurture others inspire you to learn medicine? If you feel lost as to what to do and where to go, look to the people you love and look to the things you love—they will guide you toward where you are meant to be.


The Lovers & 4 of Pentacles

Dear Cancer, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to practice unconditional love through detachment and surrender. 

The Lovers is the card of romance, connection, and decision. The 4 of Pentacles is the card of rigidity and structure.

Love cannot flourish when it’s bound by expectations and judgement. When we expect our partners to fit our mold of what we think they should be, we snuff the flame of passion and we dishonor the spirit of the other person. To love without expectation is to love unconditionally. Of course, if someone hurts you or constantly disrespects you, then you must decide if this is the person for you. But if we can allow our romantic partners, or our friends, or our family members, to be who they are—if we can see the divinity in them even when they falter—then we can love them from a place of truth. And in turn, we can cultivate more inner peace as we surrender our ideals and projections. 


Judgement & The Star

Dear Leo, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to shed your ego, live from your soul, and enter a period of grace. 

Judgement is the card of understanding, seeing beyond yourself, honoring your life lessons, whether difficult or joyful. The Star is the card of hope, healing, and divine inspiration.

What are you still holding on to? Judgement asks you to take a deep look at the boulders you’ve been carrying because now is the time for ascension. Bless those who have broken your heart, who have kicked you when you were down, who have shown you darkness—not because what they did was right, but because you owe it to yourself to be free from their toxicity. Acknowledge how your experiences have made you stronger, wiser, and more spiritual. The Star says there are peaceful times ahead and that there is healing energy is available to you. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but you must make the intention to see the North Star and follow it toward salvation.  


4 of Cups & Wheel of Fortune

Dear Virgo, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to shake things up, to bring in new and exciting energy, to breathe in fresh air.

The 4 of Cups is about apathy, about settling instead of thriving. The Wheel of Fortune is the twist of fate, the unexpected shift in a new direction.

The goal is not to merely exist, but to live. Where are you feeling stagnant and uninspired? You are not meant to live a mundane life. This is not about becoming famous or going on some wild adventure. This is about surrounding yourself with people, places, and things that make you feel grateful to be on this earth whether that’s living in a small town surrounded by peace and nature or living in a big bustling city. The Wheel of Fortune arrives to inspire you, to let you know that once you make the intention to change your life, things will begin to move. Be open to all the wonderful possibilities this life has to offer, and don’t settle for anything less than magic.



The Sun & 5 of Cups

Dear Libra, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to focus on what makes your soul sing.

The Sun is the card of vitality, warmth, joy, and innocence. The 5 of Cups is the card of disappointment and pessimism. 

Everyone is always saying to think positively or to look on the bright side. There is such a thing as toxic positivity, life is not always sunshine and rainbows. But life is not always doom and gloom either. The 5 of Cups and The Sun ask you to honor when you are feeling low, but to also honor the strength within to fight for better days ahead. You have the choice to focus on the cups that have spilt, or on the cups that are still standing. We all have wounds, we all have moments of sorrow and despair, but do not identify with them. There will be sun again, but you have to do your part in calling in the light and declaring your birthright to happiness.


Page of Pentacles & 3 of Swords

Dear Scorpio, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to harness the healing power of being in your body.

The Page of Pentacles signals the beginning phase of things related to the element of Earth, which include material wealth and physical well-being. The 3 of Swords speaks to our emotional pains and heartbreaks.

During times of grief, you are being encouraged to tap into the healing tools readily available to you. Because grief is stored in the body, it is important to strengthen our connection to our bodies, to listen to it. The Page of Pentacles asks us to learn about our physical vessels. Use breathing exercises, practice various physical activities, perhaps experiment with Reiki, massage, and other healing modalities. We must care for ourselves holistically, we must heal our minds through understanding, we must heal our hearts through compassion, we must heal our spirits through connecting with the divine, and we must heal our bodies through movement, rest, and nurturing. 


The Moon & 3 of Cups

Dear Sagittarius, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to gain wisdom and guidance from those you trust.

The Moon is the card of the subconscious, what is hidden within, and psychic insights. The 3 of Cups is the card of community, friendship, and cooperation.

The Moon illuminates our shadows, it surfaces the fears and anxieties we have been suppressing so we can face them and begin our healing process. The 3 of Cups declares that you do not have to face these dark nights of the soul on your own. Everyone around you is going through their own trauma, and they may be able to help you through sharing their own experiences, or through simply listening and holding space. Though this is ultimately your journey, you must not forget that there are people who love you, and it is important to lean on them when it is difficult to stand on your own. Connect with your chosen family.


9 of Cups & Queen of Wands

Dear Capricorn, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to clear blocks by accepting your worthiness.

The 9 of Cups is the card of wish fulfillment and satisfaction. The Queen of Wands is the court card of charisma, warmth, and magnetism. 

At the start of this new year, The 9 of Cups is encouraging you to make your dreams and aspirations clear. Write them down, visualize them, and thank the Universe for aligning you with your path. When it comes to manifesting, it is not enough to want something, you have to feel it and believe it, but the block that most people struggle with is the idea of worthiness. The Queen of Wands comes in to remind you that you do not have to prove anything to anyone—you are deserving, you are enough. You have to breathe this, repeat it, and own it so you may allow your manifestations to flow into your life.       


King of Cups & 7 of Swords

Dear Aquarius, happy birthday! This season the Tarot invites you to stand by truth and compassion even when others around you do not. 

The King of Cups is the court card of emotional maturity, strength, and dignity. The 7 of Swords is the card of manipulation and self-interest.

The King of Cups encourages you to fight for what is right. The 7 of Swords reminds us that we will face people and situations that will be unfair, deceptive, and untruthful. If you see someone being wronged, if you are being wronged, be the light warrior that the world needs. This does not mean hastily reacting or letting your anger get the best of you. The King of Cups is the master of composure, he asks you to balance logic and intuition. He knows that the person who is causing harm is acting out of wounds they have not healed. Be sympathetic and understanding—and at the same time, be firm and powerful. 


2 of Pentacles & 9 of Pentacles

Dear Pisces, this Aquarius season the Tarot invites you to find balance in working toward your goals and taking moments to reap the rewards of your efforts.

The 2 of Pentacles is the card of multitasking and adaptability. The 9 of Pentacles is the card of comfort, leisure, and pleasure.

It is honorable to strive for better and press diligently toward your dreams and aspirations. The 2 of Pentacles applauds your ability to push things forward and keep everything going. However, the 9 of Pentacles encourages you to live, to be present, to not let your life pass you by as you work for the future. Even if you are not exactly where you want to be, take note of how far you’ve come in a month, in a year, in a decade. It is important to congratulate yourself, to take a deep breath and acknowledge all you’ve accomplished, to take time out of your hustle to rest, to have fun, to enjoy life.

Art courtesy of  Eliana