Your Sun in Pisces Tarotscope Attunes You to the Magic of the Season

February 16, 2020

Dear readers, as the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18, Spirit sends a message for all signs to ponder: “If the trail ends at the river, and there is no way to walk across, then swim.”

The dead ends that we face only stop our journey if we allow it. We are beings of incredible ingenuity. If the goal that you set your sights on means enough to you, you will find a way. It does not mean that that way will be simple or easy, but all great adventures include trials and adversities. Think of those you admire who have told stories of almost giving up, of being turned down time and time again, of hitting rock bottom before finally seeing the light, or getting their big break. Do not let the detours slow your momentum. Sometimes the obstacles are actually synchronicities, the Universe guiding you toward a different way. It is time to be resourceful, it is time to adapt. 

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Your Tarotscopes below will help you tune into what your soul needs to focus on or address during this Pisces season. Read for your sun, moon, and rising.


2 of Wands & The Emperor

Dear Aries, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to not only see the possibilities but to believe in them.

The 2 of Wands is the card of vision, future planning, and discovery. The Emperor is the card of power, structure, and self-fulfillment.

Acknowledge your fears and your feelings of limitation, but know that your courage and your potential for greatness are stronger. The 2 of Wands asks you where you want to go. It asks you where you want to be in one year, in two years, in ten years? What is the grand vision of your life? Make that decision now. It is advised to be lithe and flexible, but you must focus your energy in a specific direction so that the universe can help you align and manifest. The Emperor declares that their power is available to you. Do not limit yourself, do not think small. The Emperor reminds you that you are here on this earth for a reason, that you have the right to fully express yourself, that you have the right to take up space. You are meant to be seen, to be heard, to leave your mark on this world.     


The Sun & 7 of Swords

Dear Taurus, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to see the light behind the darkness.

The Sun is the card of innocence, truth, and clarity. The 7 of Swords speaks of deceit, revenge, and selfishness. 

There is darkness in all of us. There is that part of us that wants to hurt other people, to protect ourselves by throwing others under the bus. The 7 of Swords card reminds us that we are human. On our journey on this planet, we will at some point harm others, and we will be harmed ourselves. It is not your responsibility to heal the wounds that make people act out of fear. However, it is your responsibility to heal your own wounds. The Sun asks you to shine a light on all the way you allow your shadow self and ego to hide your true soul essence. It asks you to also see beyond the misdeeds of others, to see the hurt behind their actions, so you can sympathize and pray for their healing. Defend yourself when necessary, but know that the only way to transmute the darkness is by using the light. 


Wheel of Fortune & 6 of Wands

Dear Gemini, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to count your blessings and congratulate yourself on your successes no matter where you are in life.

The Wheel of Fortune is the card of fate and life-changing events. The 6 of Wands is the card of victory, recognition, and confidence. 

It is easy to be joyful and happy when everything is going right. However, The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that life is lived in cycles. The important thing is to center ourselves no matter what is happening externally. If you are going through tumultuous times, or if life just seems more difficult than usual, acknowledge that. Surrender to what you are feeling, and then when you can, focus on what is going right. Even if it is just the fact that you have food to eat, a trusted friend to call, or a shower that runs hot water. The 6 of Wands asks you to find what makes you feel successful, what makes you feel like life is exciting and worth living. Do not wait for something to happen to you to be grateful. As you practice gratitude, as you find ways to feel proud and successful now, more of that energy will return to you.


King of Swords & 3 of Pentacles

Dear Cancer, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to balance your emotional nature with your intellect. 

The King of Swords is a figure of intellectual mastery, healthy detachment, and respect. The 3 of Pentacles is the card of teamwork and cooperation. 

There are times to pour your heart out and to be vulnerable with others, and then there are times to be selective, to keep things to yourself so that certain things can be accomplished, or so that you can keep the peace. The King of Swords asks you to master the power of discernment. Balance objectivity with subjectivity. Keep a straight face and put up your defenses when the moment calls for it. The 3 of Pentacles declares that sometimes, this is the best way to work with others. Especially with those that don’t share your same capacity to feel or empathize. Read the room, feel the energy of your peers, and decide when to play your King of Swords card.


10 of Cups & Justice

Dear Leo, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to claim your right to peace, love, and happiness. 

The 10 of Cups is the card of emotional fulfillment, harmonious relationships, and family, born or chosen. Justice is the card of truth, fairness, and acceptance of what is.

It is your divine right to be joyful, to be celebratory, to have people who love you and who you share your love in return. It is not trite or foolish to strive toward a foundation of contentment, love, and comfort. We are human, and we want to feel safe and nurtured. The 10 of Cups asks you to understand what emotional fulfillment means to you. And the Justice card declares that it is honorable to work toward this ideal. Justice declares that you deserve what you feel you deserve; you are worth what you feel you are worth. It is your divine right to wake up and feel happy and to be full of love. 


3 of Swords & Queen of Swords

Dear Virgo, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to learn from the past to create healthy boundaries in the present.

The 3 of Swords is the card of pain, sorrow, and heartbreak. The Queen of Swords is a powerful figure who protects themselves and their loved ones with fierce sharpness.

The 3 of Swords states that we have been hurt before, and we will probably be hurt again. It is not good to hold on to regret or resentment, or to harbor hatred toward those that wronged you. However, it is wise to integrate the lessons learned. It is wise to cut chords towards toxic people. It is wise to avoid situations you know will not serve your highest good. The Queen of Swords asks you to be strong and stand firm in your boundaries. It is your right to say no to people, to protect what you have worked for, to harness the warrior and power within to defend your energy, your well-being, your job, and your relationships. 

Image courtesy of Born Under Saturn


Temperance & Page of Pentacles

Dear Libra, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to find balance and healing through the physical plane.

Temperance is the card of moderation, alchemy, and healing modalities. The Page of Pentacles represents embarking on a journey of exploration relating to career, wealth, and the body. 

If you’re too much in your head, too much in your heart, or too much in the spiritual, Temperance asks you to find balance through the physical. The Page of Pentacles reminds us to explore our bodies. We can do wonderful things with our bodies. We can run, we can dance, we can make love, we can feel the sand, walk through forests, smell the mountain air. When you are feeling out of sorts, get back into your body. Care for your body in whatever way feels nourishing to you. Ask your body what it wants, what it needs, and get to know this aspect of yourself more deeply. 


The Hermit & 9 of Wands

Dear Scorpio, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to look within when life feels overwhelming.

The Hermit is the card of deep introspection and meditation. The 9 of Wands brings the last obstacle, the final push before the finish line.

When we think we have no more strength, energy, or drive to go forward—we must look inside. It is okay to ask for help or to seek guidance from others when we feel lost and burdened. But we must also know that we hold so much wisdom within. The Hermit declares that when we are silent, and when we spend time in meditation with our spirit, and a higher power we resonate with, we can tap into the infinite resource available to us. The 9 of Wands reminds us to hold down the fort, to keep on going, to not give up if you believe in what you are doing. 


The Star & King of Pentacles

Dear Sagittarius, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to find meaning and inspiration through service.

The Star is the card of hope, healing, and optimism. The King of Pentacles brings goodwill, generosity, and abundance. 

You can help others, dear Sagittarius. Through service, you will raise the collective frequency, and you will expand your own soul and energy. The Star reminds us that there is always hope, there is always a guiding light that can lead us out of the tunnel of darkness. We just have to look, to ask for help, to pray… and to believe. The King of Pentacles asks you to be that guiding light, for yourself and others. The King of Pentacles showers others with blessings. What can you give? It does not have to be money—or anything physical—it can be your time, your wisdom, your intention.      


Queen of Cups & Strength

Dear Capricorn, this Pisces season theTarot invites you to find strength through vulnerability.

The Queen of Cups brings warmth, unconditional love, and nurturing. Strength is the card of gentle power and perseverance. 

It takes true strength to be there for others. It takes true strength to open your heart, to share your love, to care for those in need. The Queen of Cups asks you to tap into your divine feminine energy. The Queen of Cups reminds us that we all have the power to heal. Sometimes it is better to be gentle instead of rough, to be sympathetic instead of judgmental. If we’re having issues with other people, or with an aspect of ourselves, and strong-arming or bulldozing has not worked, try a different approach. Strength reminds us of the power of grace, patience, and pausing to respond versus react. 


Judgement & The High Priestess

Dear Aquarius, this Pisces season the Tarot invites you to understand that to connect to spirit and your higher self, you must work toward shedding your ego. 

Judgement is the card of ascension, atonement, and deep spiritual understanding. The High Priestess brings in intuition, spirit, and occult knowledge. 

We live in a world of duality. We will always have a shadow side; we will always have an ego. We must acknowledge this—we must make peace with this. Judgement declares that although this darkness will always be a part of us, we have the opportunity to integrate, to transcend, and to master it. Once we do, we can access our spiritual powers on a deeper level. The High Priestess will guide you in unlocking your spiritual potential, in connecting with your guides and angels, in accessing infinite wisdom.


3 of Cups & 4 of Pentacles

Happy Birthday, dear Pisces! During your birth season, the Tarot invites you to expand your horizon through connecting with others

The 3 of Cups is the card of community, celebration, and friendship. The 4 of Pentacles is the card of structure and rigidity. 

Although it feels fine and safe to stay in our comfort zone, it truly limits our world, it limits our expansion. The 3 of Cups asks us to discover the magic in getting to know another person who is completely different from us. It asks us to understand different cultures, different points of views, to resonate with souls beyond what we know. The 4 of Pentacles reminds us that structure and routine should serve us, not close us off. Through sincere connection, we not only get to know others on a deeper level, we also get to know ourselves. We get to open our hearts, feel more at one with the universe and everyone in it, we get to feel more compassion and love.

Images by Born Under Saturn