Twin Flame Telepathy: Signs, Symptoms, and How-to

February 4, 2022

Twin flame connections can be incredibly strong. Learn more about telepathic communication between you and your twin flame partner. 

What Is a Twin Flame?

At birth, our souls are split in two. A twin flame is simply the other half of your soul. Many spiritualists liken the twin flame to our soul’s mirror—reflecting good and bad traits back to us, so we’re able to learn and progress. 

But a twin flame is not your perfect love match. While it is an intense, emotional connection to another person, its purpose is to highlight the parts of us that need growth. Still, the presence of a twin flame can be overwhelming and passionate.

Deborah Rossetto, Tarot reader and creator of the popular Instagram account, @born_under_saturn_, explains the concept in relation to an old Chinese fable. “People are said to be born with a tiny (and invisible) red thread that binds them to another person,” she says. “The thread is of infinite length and resists the course of life.” So, in essence, wherever we are, we remain bound to that other person. 

Twin Flames and Telepathic Communication

With such a strong bond between two people, twin flames are said to be able to communicate without words—via thoughts, dreams, or mind messages. 

According to Rossetto, “it is not a verbal communication—it is a sensory, energetic communication.” 

And we aren’t just speaking about telepathy either. Rossetto says the twin flame connection fosters a deep communal empathy between two lovers “that allows them to feel what their partner feels.”

Communication can also occur involuntarily. That means even if you haven’t physically met your twin flame yet, you might still receive messages from them. Rossetto says, “This can happen as a sudden sensation, a slip of the tongue, [or] an emotion that instinctively brings us back to the other person.”

Signs and Symptoms

So, how do you know when you’re being contacted by a twin flame?

There are multiple ways to connect telepathically to your soul’s other half. “It can happen in dreams, in memories, in sensations,” Rossetto says. “[Sensations are] internal experience[s] and can be lived in a different and absolutely personal way.”

Here are a couple signs your twin flame is contacting you or even thinking about you: 

  • Dreaming of them
  • Hearing their voice in your head
  • Having a sudden flashback or memory (even if you don’t remember living that memory)
  • Feeling intense emotions that don’t belong to you
  • A gut feeling

How to Communicate With Your Twin Flame

If you’ve already met your twin flame, and would like to connect to them, there are a few ways to go about that—including a communication ritual, ritual bath, or meditation.

  1. Communication Ritual

Because twin flames represent the heart and passion, you’ll want to use the fire element to connect with them. Write down what you want to say on a piece of paper. Meditate on that topic, and burn the paper in a safe space. 

  1. Ritual Bath

Another important element in the twin flame connection is water. Add rose petals to your bath for a spritz of love. Surround the bathtub with high-vibe, third eye, “communication” crystals, such as amethyst and celestite. 

As you soak, repeat what you want to say to your twin flame in your head. Picture them receiving this message in their dreams. After you drain the tub, cleanse your crystals. Add the petals and one of the crystals to a mason jar until you feel the message has been received.

  1. Meditate

According to Rossetto, the best way to connect to a twin flame is through meditation. “On YouTube there are several guided meditations on this topic,” she says encouragingly. Through meditation, “we reach a level of our deepest being” and can find our twin flame there. 


How do you find your twin flame?

The problem with this question is that you don’t find your twin flame. In reality, you and your twin flame find each other. But, if you’re impatient, learning how to use the Law of Attraction can help you attract your twin flame even faster. It may also help you find love

How do you recognize your twin flame?

If you’re dealing with a twin flame, you’ll just know. It’s an instant—and almost impossible—kind of feeling.

Does everyone have a twin flame?

Everyone has a twin flame. However, not everyone will meet their twin flame. We can feel their presence and support in dreams or moments of clarity. So, if you don’t meet your twin flame in this lifetime, that might be the reason why! 

Are twin flames meant to be together?

When twin flames connect, the bond can be euphoric. But it can also be detrimental and toxic if you meet at a young stage in life. That’s because the twin flame acts as a mirror to your soul—highlighting all the good and horrific parts of you. Rossetto says twin flame meetings are a calling to “work on one’s own shadows.” 

In general, that’s why we don’t see twin flames live happily ever after. This isn’t always the case, of course. But it is a reality. Twin flames are, first and foremost, placed in our lives to help us grow and become better versions of ourselves. 

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